Comedian Discriminated Against for Being White – Tyler Fischer

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Tyler Fischer is a comedian and actor based in New York. He is currently suing a talent manager for discrimination, having been denied work on the basis of his skin colour.
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  1. Another thing that is jarring is the silence from the black and brown community, allowing that to slide is a slippery slope. It just goes to show there are a lot of people who have never experienced real cultural differences, if they had they wouldn't be talking out their asses like that.

  2. I tell people about all the Anti-While stuff and they either agree with it or flat think I am lying.
    As if I am espousing some 4chan conspiracy theory. Either we nip this in the bud or we as a country are going to codify a national White identity that will rival what happened in Germany during WW2.

  3. What he faced is horrific. It's becoming far, far worse. In the UK, people have been barred from standing for poltical candidacy because they're white. The response from many BLM people is 'that's what black people faced for decades'. However, we will never reach equality by bringing down white people to bring other ups. We have to bring others up. Do these bigots seriously think that persecuting the majority or another large group due to the colour of their skin or any other feature they cannot control is going to lead to a happy, healthy society? The west is a absolute car crash under current leadership, and in the UK the right and left are as bad as each other.

  4. I was reading into the changes to the definition of racism. It's scandalous, dressed yo as 'progress'. The BLM militants literally rewrote the meaning of the word 'racism' so that their accusations levied at or about white people, which were false or racist in themselves, would then be 'proven true' because they had altered the definition of the word to suit. They literally rewrote the rules of the game while the game was in play, and only at the request of one of the teams, in order to get you sent off the pitch. It's insane that this corrosive garbage is tolerated.

  5. I agree that ANY form of racism is RACISM and should not be tolerated. It is absolutely horrible to be blatantly or subtly racist to anyone. Yet, it's interesting that certain White people are now concerned about racism when it happens to them. Where were these conversations when it was only happening to people of color? ONLY NOW do they understand the problem with racism? Doesn't feel good does it? NOW you get it?

  6. Comedians release pressure building up in a society that's spiralling out of control. That pressure is released through laughter and is vital to a healthy society.

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