Comedian Roy Chubby Brown Has Event Shut Down


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  1. "It`s not being beamed to your eyelids, you are not being forced to watch it", if only that were true about the woke message that has infested everyday life. The BBC & MSM push it constantly, children are being indoctrinated in schools while government employee`s all attend "Diversity & inclusiveness training".

  2. You say if you don't like it you shouldn't watch it and I agree but there is a deeper problem now because because a lot of times you don't even know what you're watching everything that's coming out of Hollywood now is almost all propaganda and woke BS they will tell you it's a spider man movie or a Batman movie but then when you watch it it's so much more than that and it's too late what do we do about this

  3. in 1977 Mary Whitehouse and her Outrage mob took Gay News to court because of a poem that presented Jesus in a homosexual light. My way of thinking is — Why would a heterosexual person buy a Gay publication when it is obvious that you would find it 'Utterly Ghastly'— Because Mary Whitehouse was a Fascist. In 2021 Roy Chubby Brown is cancelled because some one finds Roy's act 'Utterly Ghastly'. Well at least they are only banning him instead of a court case. 'That Progress For You'.

  4. A very vocal minority have way too much influence on what we can and cannot see. Chubby Brown is an act, we all what his act is, the fact that they are too fing fragile to figure that out is bloody ridiculous. "City values" always curious how the ones that are all for diversity and inclusivity only seem to want to include those that agree with them or are at least willinging to do bugger all about the nonsense. I unfortunately feel that the only way this will change is if the same is used against them.

  5. I don't like dr*gqueen story hour/ youth pagents
    They should be shut down.
    I am a F*scist.
    Picasso painted naked barnes and yes he did love naked barnes just like the rest of his ilk in the media.
    Just like the loli painters you love to protect, Dank.

  6. Never seen him live unfortunately, but I have some of his dvds. Still one of my favourite comedians.
    Chubbs joke
    What's 12 inches long and hangs in front of an asshole?
    "Tony Blairs fucking tie" 😂

  7. When your Councillors oppose what their people want, then they need to be replaced. When government oppose what the people want, then they get booted out of office. If they don't serve you, get rid of them.

  8. the degenerates are hellbent on killing the individual , you are seemingly not allowed to like something because alot of other people dont like it , god forbid that people are different

  9. It doesn't make sense, those who complain are clearly those who will not be in attendance, so what's the issue? I hate bingo but the local biddies can crack the fuck on for all I care.

  10. My problem with him is that he isn't funny. But. If other people think he's funny then I don't think his show should be cancelled. What sucks is these folks think they're being liberal. Trying to MAKE people act the way you want them to isn't a liberal inclination, it's a conservative one. Some people call it liberal fascism but I think it's more like conservative progressivism. There is little difference between what they are doing and the satanic panic of the 1980s when community leaders cancelled punk and rock bands because they were "degrading the fabric of society".

  11. It's always been an anomaly really. It's like he got his fan base in the 80's and has just carried on doing his thing all these years without really ever being in the general media. But his comedy is definitely by modern standards a bit racist and sexist, even most right wingers find his stuff cringe. But if people like it? Hell yes they should be able to go watch it and up until now that's the way it's been.

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