Comedian tells Tucker Carlson his take on identity politics

Jimmy Dore says ‘the establishment has learned how to co-op identity politics to put the breaks on economic progress’ on ‘Tucker Carlson Today.’ #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. Jimmy Dore comes from a big family. 13 Kids. His father and one of his brothers are retired Chicago Police Officers. I grew up with the Dore family. I cannot believe how much of a left wing liberal Jimmy became. I guess being a self admitted POT HEAD turns you into a LIBERAL.

  2. does any of these main stream channels have more than a 4 minute discussion!!!! so sad…My attention span is much longer,as are most informed people, so get with it Tucker,sound bites suck….

  3. Identity politics is sheer distraction, as Dore says. Since Bill Clinton, the Democratic Party has received more corporate contributions than the GOP, making them a corporate-owned party, They therefore jettisoned their traditional New Deal class-based policies and had to find a new slogan. They don't want to discuss class, as they are now corporate. What better way to distract ppl away from class issues than identity politics? It worked beautifully a year ago during the nationwide protests during the Covid lockdown. There was a seething anger in the air across the political spectrum, and the Dems successfully managed to make it about race, police brutality, and statues. The first two issues are important, but can be best resolved, as Dore says, by addressing CLASS issues. Focusing on race fragments the masses along racial lines, making them easier to control and conquer. If the working class is at each other's throats, they're not making demands on elites about issues that actually matter, namely class and wealth redistribution, jobs, healthcare, debt relief, etc.

  4. Looking at the comments…. Why they all the same comments?
    Republicans send in the Russian bots for Little Jimmy and subs??
    Smear smear smear Jimmy. ?????????

  5. Many people are saying in the comments "while I don't agree with him on a lot of things" What is it exactly that people don't agree with him about? In spite of being supposedly being considered a "leftist", he seems like a very sensible person.

  6. All Signals and no substance completely describes Obama and Biden for 8yrs. Biden continues to do nothing and AOC is a complete joke of a fighter.