Command upgrade w/Larry Johnson (Live)

Command upgrade w/Larry Johnson (Live)
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  1. Russia can bring the Western financial system down wiping out billionaires and the like. Jim Rickards spoke about this some years ago to crack the stock exchange in the West.
    . Russia employs 6000 PhD’s to do exactly this at any given time.

  2. Thanks to all for this very informative conversation and deep analysis! I hadn't heard Larry Johnson before, and I must say I'm strongly impressed!
    I agree with the take on Biden – I commented often that Biden has been the fall guy to take the blame for all the deep state actions that wouldn't have been taken under a proper president.

  3. Bottom line . USA uk eu and west civilisation culture habits etc are just not require for other nations to survive . Nations don’t just come to stop surviving just because west faculties are around – Russia is fully aware that if can get many of these services products from other countries . So it’s about time this reality gets through the skull heads of leaders and others in the west

  4. My favourite duo, and as the saying goes in Sweden : "And some salmon too the onion!" If you find this strange, just wait for more "pearls" and "visdom" from Scandinavia. Love too all 3 off you!

  5. It is not difficult to rewrite history and present a myth of invicibility to a people that have been led to believe we defeated Hitler at Normandy. The role Russia played loosing 21 million lives in that effort during the patriortic war, is not taught in our schools. Most U.S. Americans, after decades of propaganda believe they are exceptional, entitled and serve as the guardians of democracy in a underdeverloped jungle that is the rest of the world. This has allowed for the creation of a military-industrial state, married to corporations and the creation of over 700 bases all over the world there to dominate and extract vital resources. Reality is a cold shower_ right now the U.S. a service economy cannot compete in arms production with the industrial giants whom they consider enemies. Pray for peace.

  6. Add Honduras to regime change executed during the Obama-Clinton-Biden, bringing to power a narco state, that brutally attacked trade unions, leftists of concience, and indiginous communities for years until its recent reversal with a democratically elected progressive government led by Xiomara Castro de Zelaya, wife of the former ousted president.

  7. It is your best vlog since I began following. Your guest and both of you made for insight and real substance in a world of media 24/7. Watched twice! Best part is this is by the choice of the "wild west". "God moves in a mysterious way, his miracles to perform,' (W. Cowper).

  8. Garland is saving his own skin and Biden will be thrown under the bus. He will leave soon on 'medical grounds' which will be the obvious, failing faculties and surprise, surprise, he won't be able to remember anything!

  9. Interesting. I live in FL. I don't wear bluejeans, don't even own a pair. I have what used to be called stretch pants, today called leggings and sweat pants TOTALLY comfortable. Other pants I have are more dress, with elastic wastes, COMFORTABLE.

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