Commbank Raises Interest Rates Again – How high will they go?

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Commonwealth Bank has increased its fixed-rate interest rates, yet again.


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  1. I don’t know much about swap rates . But they’ve been lifting in nz and banks it seems follows, even without OCRs . In nz from 2009 to 2015 the OCR was mostly 2.5% why’ll a 2 year fixed was 4.2% . Right now NZs OCR is 0.75% and the 2 year fixed is over 4% . And the central bank of NZ is saying they want it OCR back to at least its below average of 2%. Personally I think the low average is more like 3% . But australia would be open to the same swap rates as nz and the same banks. I’d say australia has a lot of bank increases coming plus I think Australia’s CPI seems a little behind what’s going on and a big catch up is coming followed by its OCR going up . Even just to keep up with American and others

  2. I was paying 17% in the nineties. Cheap money has pushed up real estate prices to unsustainable levels. The Australian economy relies to heavily on real-estate. It should be relying more on manufacturing, innovation and exports.

  3. Commercial banks are WAY smarter than both the government and the RBA, and they know where this is heading. The USA is going to raise rates, and contrary to the garbage that comes out of the RBA's mouth, they will follow – they have NO choice.

  4. Yes I do believe people are stupid and think rates wint go up much if all
    That's why so many thought bugger let's buy the goverment had all the stimulis pumping into houseing they jumped on the wave to get a ride
    As Heiser said it was al done as an emergincary measuer
    It wont affect me imm retired but my daughter and her husband have a lovely home and I think even though they have been savvy and not overborrowed they have never experianced a rate rise and I firmly believe rates will be over 4.5 percent within the next 18 mounths

  5. There’s a lot of people that think they have the government over a barrel, saying they can’t do that cause we will put rents up ect. When rates went down instead of saying let’s pay off more debt they say I can afford another house. There’s still a lot of people that believe negative rates on the way.

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