Commercial Normalizing Childhood Myocarditis Runs In New York

Many of us had never heard of myocarditis before the pandemic, and with good reason, as it’s not a common affliction. Among children 15 and under it’s particularly rare, with fewer than two cases per 100,000, according to a recent study in Finland. Yet since myocarditis is a known side effect of both COVID infections AND the COVID vaccine, the number of myocarditis diagnoses is skyrocketing – so high, in fact, that one New York hospital is even promoting its services for treating myocarditis.

Jimmy and The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle wonder not only at the increased prevalence of myocarditis, but also at our cultural propensity to tell all children they’re “amazing.”

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  1. When I hear people say your amazing, it’s the same as people ask what do you want to do with your life, even though your 18 to even 22. I wanna say how the hell do I know I’m just a kid.

    This is especially true when you grow up and up seems like small town and you’re not a Republican nor you’re like religious and you just would love to basically say hey I wanna see what life is like outside this town and everybody looks at you and just has a stunned look. This is because you know most people go off to college get their bachelors and masters or get their bachelors at a university and get their masters online and then just you know go home or stay in their small town after college.

  2. People on twitter will just be like "That's always happened, it's nothing new". That's what they're saying about all the young healthy people and athletes that have suddenly dropped dead…that's ":always" happened …nothing new here lol…these people are insane. Talk about being in denial

  3. Guys, we really need to investigate the 5G that popped up everywhere after 10 trillion vanished from the Federal Reserve in 2013. It isn’t for automated vehicles which crash all the time anyway. The heart it a target.

  4. This is a double dip for big pharma. Poison people with inadequately tested vaccines, and then have them as lifelong customers for drugs you sell to manage the conditions your vaccines have created.

  5. What's even sicker is all these fucking "doctors" actually going along with this….this is fucking disgusting. The medical industry has reached pond scum level.

  6. It is so heartwarming that kids who just happen to spontaneously get myocarditis due to…whatever…will now conveniently have access to expensive drugs/treatments from Big Pharma/New York Presbyterian, and just in time.

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