Commercial Property Crashing

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The values of commercial property are crashing, let us look at an article discussing our super exposure and the financial results of the GPT group.

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  1. If you are in an older suburb & your landline internet/phone line is slowing down it can be corroded ancient copper connections underground . . the good news is that Telstra will do nothing until your connection stops working completely . . I lucked out early here at this place as the internet lagged & buffered constant & lucky shit itself completely = now spanking new connectors underground

  2. As I ride my Harley around the City & Bondi Beach with my cute pom strap behind. A head count is done visually and it’s pretty quiet on a Monday and not too bad weekends and Friday.

  3. Sometimes it takes an external shock to change culture. I think a lot of companies will reconsider how much office space they require. Australian office space has been ludicrously expensive for years so it was only a matter of time before something shook up commercial real estate.

  4. Judging by that Price, if there is not dramatic change, I cannot see that company getting gains, it looks like it is on a down trend, just trying to stabilize.

    Whelp Like I said in Jan, now is the time to buy warehouse's.
    Took a little while with all that stimulus but if we don't see a Boom, it will Doom
    and then you Zoom in feast on the rotting corpse of those who dared to dream.

  5. Congratulations Victoria!!! That’s what you get when you vote in fuckstick labour leaders ? now suck it up and cop it! Bet you flops vote them in again too ya deadloss

  6. A country means family. But when you make a country into malls and businesses. Humans will have to pay for it more than money. Psychological issue.

  7. Not invested in any of the RE funds with my super. I moved my super last November, in order to be more flexible with my investments, and got some gold stock ETFs and some individual gold/silver miner stocks that are trading on the ASX. The rest of my money is in cash (about 60%). So far I'm up 11% since last November.
    That said, I view my super as a lost cause. I expect the Gov't to devalue it into worthless in a few years.

  8. If you want to know what hurts small business operation costs. It’s to do with commercial rents. That is why many businesses are struggling. Commercial rents take over 50% of the overall business income. I know the warehouse I operated in for 4 years wanted me to pay $25,000 a month & provided me with substandard toilet and shower facilities. I couldn’t even get a cleaner for that and when they gave me living quarters it was infested with rats. Many people complain about mortgage repayments. I tell you what based on the wage earner. Paying a mortgage on $1000 a week average income is a struggle. But if you want to increase business productivity. We need to have commercial rents that are based on business overall income and on the standard they are provided. I had to pay money out of my pocket to get renovations done to get it to a level where it was acceptable to store food products.

  9. For all the people who think a crash in commercial property is a good thing, remember your online shopping doesn’t fund your superannuation returns to the tune of 12 %, so come your next statement and you question why you’re not getting the same return, remember you said good to the commercial property downturn and prefer to fund online shopping that doesn’t even pay taxes in Australia.

  10. Big rents on business make the company's to put prices up allways was like that and send business to the wall.a fashion company paying $200,000 a year gone to the wall.
    How many garments they h ave to sell to make $200,000 for rent only how long it take from make garments distribution and sale? Lower rents down to $50,000 so they can employ more people.

  11. Rent waivers and uncontrolled rent at $ 86.6 million and land tax relief of 0.3 million [ $ 300,000 ]. FFOs decrease of 17 % of $ 244 million which is about $ 42 million. So that rental income reduction has reduced their funds from operation, and so the $ 42 million is the conservative calculation of what has been wiped. It even said as much, insofar as " rent waivers, etc, expensed in FFO. ". And State Governments have written off $ 300,000 of land tax in relation to GPT.

  12. Finally, the nbn became available at our address, and the speed jump was amazing. Now with the Victorian shut down, it’s not so great……

  13. Atlassian just announced today that they will allow employees to WFH forever, like Twitter and Facebook have. They will keep their offices… for now… but as they empty out they'll start consolidating them down to small offices and remove others. They have 3000 employees, I'm not sure how many are Australian based.

  14. I went to Capalaba today to see a regular cabinet maker to get a laminate door repaired. Business was closed and site is to sale! Looked up google and drove to another cabinet maker, business closed and site for lease. Drove around a few streets and was amazed at how many SME’s are closed….How long can commercial landlords hold on?

  15. I rent a shop and my landlord has been great they have reduced my shop rent for to 50 % off until December my lease runs out at the end of this month I should have to sign for another three years but they havlet me sign for 4 month lease hence no pressure ongoing ? otherwise would have probably shut shop

  16. Super funds failing won't effect all of us. The smart ones amongs us have our own SMSF and have invested in gold and silver with that money at this time.

  17. I wouldn't feal sorry for commercial building owners .there milking small medium biz for years .pay no tax and take all the cream out of the bizz owner .the family members off mine in commercial are some of the most vile people you could meet when it comes to treatment of anybody but themselves and quite proud to let you know they pay stuff all as there filling up there kids an grandkids cars on there card to be payed by you the tax payer.the shops they own they ring the guy running his bizz dry to the point there just making a wage some off em..which this lot point out with glee.stuff em let em go empty then replace em after they have to do a better deal to get somebody into there commercial.theres a good side to this and its going to be a level playing field if not..they will remain broke and the country stagnate.and up and tax these commercial owners off multi buildings who put shit all back in.

  18. This is what the Australian Government Sold Australian Citizens Out for… In another matter before the Supreme Court a group of Chinese … @t Private jets, fast cars leave investors facing $100m wipeout The empire of Michael Gu, a 32-year-old former mobile phone salesman, has collapsed as investors question his high-octane lifestyle. Michael Gu, founder of collapsed property group iProsperity, flew in private jets, gambled at high-roller rooms and drove a white Lamborghini. Investors are pursuing Michael Gu, the founder of collapsed property group iProsperity, for at least $70 million as fears grow his once burgeoning empire will be revealed to hold few physical assets.
    As administrators appeared before the NSW Supreme Court on Monday to take control of 12 collapsed companies in the iProsperity group, a string of failed property deals and aggrieved investors has emerged.