Commercial Real Estate Crash is Happening – Stores Can’t Keep Up with Price Increases

Commercial real estate is in huge trouble. Grocery stores are spending all their time just raising prices. 75% of families feel that inflation is destroying them and they can’t keep up with it. #CommercialRealEstate #FoodPrices #Foreclosures #IAllegedly #Inflation #EconomicNinja #ScottWaltersRealtor #ForLease #realdeal

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  1. There was never any "health crisis", was never any need to shut down businesses, but this is part of a plan to destroy everything and build a new world order, you will see, forced to use electric cars that are run on the Internet that you cannot own, your phone will be the only way to buy and sell, you can be excluded from society if you don't participate in the ongoing agenda, destroy all beef production so you can be forced to eat fake meat products, etc. Right about 21:00, Dan explains about Spain making it a law regarding thermostats in homes, and this is the purpose of "smart" technology, your "Internet of Things", allows gov. to actually enforce such a stupid law, and the way they would do it for example would be to limit your use of a car or take money from your ewallet as a fine, etc.

  2. Laguna Beach has always been really expensive to stay in a hotel and to eat in a restaurant. I’d be interested to see whether places further north or inland are as bad as the resort towns

  3. CONTRARY To Beleif ' IM RETIRED Thank Goodness ..The UK Is NOW a Nation of Shop Keepers , And Pubs . All you Hear On the NEWS Is Pub Landlords and Restaurants Moaning About Costs To Cook And BEER ' And How They Are Loosing Customers !! WHY Did The Government Allow So Many Eating Houses And Pubs in a Country 900 miles Long 66 miles wide ? you NEVER Hear about Real Producion or Industry Anymore in the Uk .

  4. Really Dan so let me get the straight Newport Beach had limited people renting but they are renting $35k a month and $100k a month. Article sounds like click bait to make you think something is happening that isn't. In addition, you went to an event with artist and nobody's buying. People have limited money and want free activities. Do more with less.

  5. You are in a place which has money still……come to midwest….whole towns are empty…no stores in small towns….people are struggling to buy food at walmart…forget healthfood stores…there are none unless you go where money stull flows….small towns are over run with drugs…people do not know really how to cope…entire towns are being wiped out by lack of workers…it is sad that our country cares nothing about its people…the idea of gardening to help is hard at 105 degrees for weeks…middle america has been forgotten

  6. People in California seem to these small, mediocre properties are beautiful when really they are just expensive. Apparently the emperor has no clothes…You couldn't pay me to go to that beach.

  7. Thank you for quality programming. What you are describing here is accurate – the flight to safety to the US stock market and dollar. This is what is keeping the market going at this time and preventing a crash. This "melt UP" phase will go on for a while, then as the global economy crashes so will US markets only harder due to the "No Win scenario" that has been created by so much obscene debt. Next comes the "Default Phase" with mega-massive bankruptcies and lastly "Asset Seizures" where banks and the Fed government will simply declare an extreme national emergency to justify the crisis and debit your account directly. The fools will think that this could never happen. The actual legislation for this type of action is already in place. My advice to anyone feeling the heat in this inflation, just trade long term more than ever, I have made over 189k from day trading with Anika Hobson in few weeks, this is one of the best medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish..

  8. For me the decay of California is owe to the decay of Hollywood, Hollywood was the economic engine of California. Movies nowadays have not interest at all

  9. The economy is and always has been, manipulated heavily. They won't let these commercial properties be sold for $20,000. They just won't. They'd rather do a whole bunch of other shenanigans, like "let it go under." "Keep it empty" etc, anything to avoid the world realizing the true demand has driven the cost waaaay down. You ask me, I think these commercial properties should be transitioned to work/live buildings where people can work from where they live and have a decent place to live. I think we are already trending towards that with Work From Home-WFH- but some business people can't have clients come to their house. Turn these unused commercial buildings into work/live places and I think you could salvage them.

  10. Amazon…cat food last month $6.00 for 12 containers for my cat. TODAY….for 2-weeks of my looking at the current price….$14.50 for 12 containers for my CAT….EVERYTHING is going up up up.

  11. Don't fight the Fed my good friends… Don't fight the Fed.

    San Diego, CA Housing Prices Crater 19% YOY As The Fenders Flap And Wheels Fall Off San Diego Housing Market

  12. My husband was a hunter and he would watch the squirrels every year and they do know what they are doing. Nature is amazing. Anyway Dan, as always you are right on about your take on what is happening and how crazy it is. I think a lot of people have watched the Country go through some pretty scary things, like when everyone wanted to build a bomb shelter as well ad 9/11. Nothing happened and things went back to normal and were still a functioning Country. This is totally different. We are divided instead of united and there doesn't seem to be any kind of normal that I recognize. I don't think things will be okay. I think we will see a collapse and much pain and suffering. Yes, it may get fixed eventually, but it will take probably decades. Such a great country and we were so confident it would always be free that we forgot to tend the garden of freedom.

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