Communism is *Literally* the Basis for What is Happening Right Now

Mandates? Centralization? Attempts to decriminalize real crimes to harm property owners?

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  1. It very seldom happens that Communists win an election. Their ideology is so wacky you couldn't win anything. But my friends that are Democrats, politically, they are of the useful idiot variety. They'll laugh at me when I say this is communism, but they are all in favor of muzzling Trump so he can never say another word. Oh, making it so there is only one kind of politics can be discussed, you know what that is? Much more laughing at me. They'll laugh when there overlords get what they want. On second though, no they won't.

  2. China has communism for it's people, with suppressed wages and authoritarianism, and the Chinese government has a 'capitalistic' price range when selling the products produced by their communistic income suppressed people. What's not to like?? (When you're part of the government that is!)

  3. Jeez! It must have been early on, under Obama, the last time MY conservative ass ever tried to make some kind of moralistic derision of my quarry based on smoking weed! Using that plant’s almost NEVER wrong!

  4. “[The Soviet Union,] in time of peace, artificially created a famine, causing 6 million persons to die in the Ukraine in 1932 and 1933. They died on the very edge of Europe. And Europe didn't even notice it. The world didn't even notice it…”

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  5. Soft on crime was never a communist treat, I was lived in communism. The police could take you, if your hair was too long, beat you, keep you chained to the radiator to a few hours cut your hair, and take you home to your parents.
    People have no idea what Communism is, and how many of them going to be killed, if they are going down on that path.

  6. California State is eroding local zoning for single family residences. They want to build multifamily projects. Fuck that! I'm all for local control of zoning laws and regs. It is true that some zoning regs go too far but I'm not against them all together. Local control is key.

  7. You nailed it, Styx. I would just like to add that a lot of the stuff that doesn't make sense or the outright ridiculous lies spewed by the corporate media is intentionally done to demoralize the masses and make them more obedient.

  8. Probably the greatest Awakening I've ever experienced was when i began to educate myself (because either no one else is aware, knows any better, or they are themselves a Communist and don't want you knowing the truth about them) about Communism. Also the Commies often use Hitler to demonize the right–Most people are unaware that fascism is just a form of socialism. It's the only form of socialism that is economically viable because it's all about mega corporations having monopolies and colluding with the government (see the United States literally right now). Giovanni Gentile was the philosopher that fascism is credited to, and he was a socialist that was heavily influenced by Marx. So when they tell you the Nazis were only socialists in name (Nazi is slang for national socialist) they're rewriting history and LYING TO YOU!!!

  9. Which companies/banks did the National Socialists nationalise? None. Was farm-land nationalised? No. People owned businesses and their own homes. To say that they were anti-capitalist is wholly wrong. What they hated was usury.
    If America was a Communist state the Oligarchs wouldn't exist. Or if they did, they would toe the line. You've been programmed extremely well. All the 1% have to do is parade 'Communism' and you leap up to the bait. I understand that this is difficult for an obsessive to grasp but WHO will own everything? The state??? No. The exact same people that Marx wrote about.

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