Companies will be laying off a lot of workers to avoid going bankrupt.

Peter Schiff and Megyn Kelly discuss the economy, inflation, jobs, crypto, Sam Bankman-Fried, FTX, the NFT craze, Elon Musk, Tesla, and Twitter

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Written by Peter Schiff


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  1. Just think where America would be right now if Sinema and Manchin would have voted for another 10 trillion dollar print out ? Liberal Democrats believe this would have answered a lot of are problems

  2. To be a worker you generally have to make the company about 10x what they pay you. I don't see how laying people off is going to fix the problems. The real problem is the people in charge are totally out of touch with reality. The workers aren't the problem.

  3. Go ahead! Destroy your own rulership this is where it's going gentiles time is up according to scripture.💯 You want be able to have enough Jobs to stop what coming it's planned.

  4. NO ONE. And I mean NO ONE is optimistic about the economy!

    Some sharp cookies will take advantage of the downswing but everyone would much rather have a trump economy vs this quagmire Biden has created.

  5. Political correctness reigns supreme, even though most disagree with it. The real question is who defines what is politically correct. It seems some other group is making those decisions for everyone else.

  6. 91 million retirees in next two years ? X 24K a year equals 2 trillion 160 billion a year just in retirees alone.
    I'd like to see Joe and his cronies fix that sucker ?

  7. Peter Schiff??? Bwah,ha,ha!!! Peter Schiff came out of his mother's womb predicting the end of the world. His opinion means nothing. Fox is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Corporations are throwing people in the streets for profits. Period. Evil Capitalism. We need Social Democracy and outlaw these immoral layoffs.

  8. Oh, and quit your whining about your increased costs to fix your home. FOX likely paid you a VERY nice severance to get the hell out of FOX. You're likely a multi millionaire. She disgusts me.

  9. I agree with high mortgage interest rates are a hugh issue but so is the cost of the homes. Unemployment numbers are much higher than announced. The individuals that left the job market are not being counted as unemployed. The jobs available are low wage part time positions which is not contributing much in the economy. Baby boomers are retiring and passing away the population is shrinking.

  10. What Peter can't say because it's somewhat self-incriminating/contradictory to his narrative, is that the 1.5 trillion in excess savings that Megyn mentioned almost all ended up in the hands of the 1%. Assets appreciated enormously with COVID stimulus, and who owned those assets? That includes stocks, real estate, even crypto, recent downturns notwithstanding. Now that many of the 1% have exited positions anticipating a recessive, they're flush with cash while the poor and middle class are scraping by as Peter mentioned.

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