Comparison of Excess Deaths in Australia and Other OECD Countries

In this video, we take a look at some OECD data showing us the number of excess deaths by week of occurrence in 2022. For the purposes of this presentation, I’ll just be looking at the data from Australia, Canada, Sweden, the UK, and the United States, although feel free to look up the data for other countries if you wish.

The website that we’ll be using is OECD.Stat, which is the official OECD statistics website. First, we’ll need to click on “Health”. Then click on “COVID-19 Health Indicators”. Then we need to click on “Mortality (by week)”. Then finally click on “Excess deaths by week, 2020-2022”. This will show us a table of data with a whole bunch of countries included, but as I said at the start, I’m only wanting to use those five countries that I mentioned previously. So you can simply click on “Customise”, then “Country”, and then select the countries that you wish to include.

I’m going to click on the export button, and export the data as an Excel spreadsheet, so that it’s easier to present and to add up numbers and so on.

The table shows you the data for each of the countries, Australia, Canada, Sweden, and so on, and the Week number for each week of 2022 so far. Not all countries have released all the data so far, for example, Australia only has up until Week 30, which is up until the end of July. For each country, there are two columns, Excess Deaths as a number, that is, how many extra people died in that week compared to historical averages, and the Percentage Change, again, as compared to historical averages.

One thing I wanted to know from this data was how many total extra deaths there have been so far this year, so I just found the sum of each of the columns using Excel. Australia, for example, has almost 19,000 extra deaths this year alone! And that’s only up until the end of July! Canada is similar at 21,000 excess deaths. UK 27,000. The US 349,000, remembering though, that the US has a much larger population at around 332 million which is around 12 or 13 times the population of Australia, but even so, that’s a lot of extra deaths! But the standout, I suppose, is Sweden with only 158 extra deaths in total, a fraction of the other countries, noting that Sweden has a population of around ten-and-a-half million people. So why would that be? Why would Sweden have so few excess deaths?

Here’s a comparison of the raw data between Sweden and Australia, noting that Australia has about two-and-a-half times the population. But even so, there’s a huge disparity in excess deaths between the two countries. The excess deaths in Sweden, shown in orange, are relatively stable, in that sometimes they’re positive, sometimes they’re negative, but overall, they’re hovering around the x-axis – the zero mark. Whereas Australia in blue has clearly stayed well above historical averages. Depending on the week, there’s been between 400 and 1000 extra deaths every week this year. I mean, that would be like a jumbo jet falling out of the sky every single week.

If we compare the percentage change of excess deaths between Sweden and Australia, which basically takes out the population difference, we can still see that Australia is well above Sweden in terms of excess deaths. They kind of follow the same pattern, but a lot less extra people are dying in Sweden. Let’s add Canada in yellow. It pretty follows the same percentage of extra deaths as Australia, except that by about Week 20, it drops off quite rapidly. Australia though, continues to have significant excess deaths. Let’s add the UK to the mix in green. At the start of the year, it was faring fairly well, but then numbers went a bit crazy in the middle, coming back to some sense of normalcy in the latest reporting period, but who knows how long that will last? And finally, the United States in brown. It seems to be following a similar trend to Australia, although started out with more excess deaths early on in the year, but then dipped below Australia, but seems to have risen in more recent months. Either way, percentage wise, it certainly has more excess deaths than Sweden.

Look, we’d have to follow this data over the long term to see how this all plays out, but as I said before, isn’t this worth investigating? Why is the government basically not talking about this? Does anybody know? I suppose it’s just not in their political interests. They have more to lose than to gain.

Anyway, that will do us for this video. In a future video, I would like to talk about causes of death with regards to these excess deaths and see how that’s been trending. Talk soon.

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  1. It’s all part of their plan to depopulate the earth – so there’s nothing to see here. And I suppose from the governments perception, shame on you for pointing these dirty facts out. Be assured, you will be placed on a list. Thanks for getting in and organizing this data.

  2. I am from Sweden. And a surgeon. We did have a lot of losses in 2020. A lot was not tested. A lot elderly was denied to come to a hospital and died in there homes or institutions. So there where not so many weak elderly left. They were dead before 2022. 2022 we have a high vaccination covering.


  4. 75 dollar gift card in certain states for taking it….. You have to wonder why, why so desperate to coerce, oh yeah bill tells you at ted talks pre event 201

  5. I have no problem accepting that the vaccines may be the cause, but I have yet to see anyone properly analyze the data.

    Excess over what? The excess deaths can be entirely attributed to people dying from Covid.

  6. Now, the thing is that most Swedes are vaccinated 2-3 times. Not saying vaccination is good, just that it does not add up for the story. What kind of vaccine is used in Australia?

  7. my guess is an aging population has overburden the health care system causing a lack of complete medical treatment to the sick (like cancer treatments) and simply a lot of old people dying. The baby boomers population is hitting the average life expectancy mark. Covid overwhelmed the health care system in Canada but it was mostly old people that spent long times in hospitals this delayed medical procedures such as surgeries or other treatments. It will be interesting to see in a few years if the total deaths go in the negative numbers.

  8. So basically, a random YouTuber goes and gets a set of numbers which he has no way of interpreting, doesn't bother to try to look up any of the huge number medical or scientific papers written by experts around the world who have been studying this for years using far more detailed data, and then asks why no one is talking about it.
    What were the COVID deaths in Sweden during the previous 2 years, during the height of the pandemic? How did their health system cope with the influx of cases? What is their vaccination rate? How many have had a previous infection? Just 4 basic questions, among others, that you would need to know to give these raw numbers much meaning.

  9. Thanks for the presentation. I started myself looking into the data (just a quick look, it would take longer to analyze in detail) but what I saw is that in a period in 2020 the Exess Deaths in Sweden have been much higher than in Australia (in %). So maybe the different lockdown policy in Sweden lead to a shift in the timeline of the effects?

  10. Looking at only one year is deceptive. Where are the years previously? Are the numbers skewed because Sweden had more excess deaths in the comparator year? This is shoddy. This is not journalism, this is propaganda. Shame on you.

  11. I also saw the stats, reported in the media. Deaths per million people were way lower in Australia than Sweden from Covid. This extra death is a load of crap. Go look at the figures at deaths per million. Trouble is it would blow your conspiracy theory away.

  12. Now stats per million are easy to find if you doubters are prepared to look, but here are the figures of Covid deaths per million as of July 13 2022.
    Sweden 1849 deaths.
    Australia 312 deaths
    I’m not going to watch any more of your conspiracy theories, as the real stats are deaths per million.
    Every thing else is fiddling the numbers.

  13. Some facts: Sweden's population is 10.4 million and they have had 21,000 Wu4@n virus deaths. Australia has 25.7 million and had 16,000 deaths. If you alter the figures for Australia by population, using the 'Swedish model' as a baseline, then times Australia's death rates by 2.5. So, Australia could have had 40,000 Wu4h@n deaths. But, that is dependent on how good the capacity Australia's health system would have coped under extreme capacity. It might have been much, much worse as Sweden has capacity in it's health system due to it's stable population levels. I suspect a free for all attitude in Australia would have led to maybe 100,000 plus deaths directly linked to Wu4@n manufactured lab leak virus.

  14. This is a contextless presentation. Raw numbers don't mean anything without more analysis. It leads this comment section to be filled with a certain type of commentary. The big English-speaking Western countries you picked out all act similarly but you have a single outlier. You need to address not only causes of excess deaths but cultural factors. Sweden didn't lock down because the citizens carefully and voluntarily followed similar rules to those imposed in Australia for example that our locals would not willingly comply with.

  15. Covid hit the commonwealth bad,good things most got the jab juice or we would have been wiped out,they need to explain how Sweden had so low of mortalities,must be because they have Viking DNA that makes them tougher then most?

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