Compelled speech, self censorship, idea suppression and an intolerance of dissenting opinions (#152)

USSR similarities to US today

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #152 (originally streamed live on Dec 03, 2022):

The Peril of Politicizing Science, Krylov 2021:

The Diversity Problem on Campus, Abbot & Marinovic 2021:

From Russia with Love: Science and Ideology Then and Now, Krylov 2022:

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In this 152nd in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), discuss the state of the world though an evolutionary lens. Find more from us on Bret’s website ( or Heather’s website (

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  1. Similarities! Man we are being led into communism by the same banking forces that financed the Jewish Bolshevism against the Czar because he refused the rothchild bank and today they are after the world and we according to them are trespassing so now it’s our turn Unless we stand up to them

  2. A word of caution about "organizing;" organizations are collections or groupings of like minded people, almost always with leaders who are now a single point of influence for the entire group.
    When spies of any stripe infiltrate organizations, they focus on the leaders of the group because they know that maximum leverage can be exerted with minimum effort by suborning these 'leaders" – it is far easier to buy one or two people than a whole group.
    Resistances are most effective without organizations that can be targeted. until such time as they actually start winning. We ain't even close yet.

  3. The problem with professors who enforce their orthodoxy like the three-year-old tyrants they are is students either play along for the grade but curse them behind their backs or they believe the theories for a little while, then when they run up against reality and find that the professor's ideas don't work and in fact are the ravings of a lunatic, they swing so far to the other side they become lifelong enemies of the ideology. This happened with my daughter, who is now studying biology in graduate school. Her undergraduate psychology professor convinced her–for a time–that gender was a social construct. She was a believer for about two months in her freshman year. Now that she's a grad students who understands a great deal more about human beings than her dunce of a former psychology prof, she has become a vocal advocate against his lies.

  4. I'm glad she mentioned the ACM. Try to figure out what they spend all of the money on every year. Certainly not being spent on printing articles, or on the useless paywall website where they sell your pdfs. Do we expect idea suppression to go away, when there are entire fields of research where it is mandatory to "publish" through a monopoly cartel of shady 501c3 organizations?

  5. Terms/Phrases which accurately and succinctly convey the desired concept should be used even if some people find them to be offensive; even more so when the objection is based on nonsenical grounds. Choosing Terms/Phrases with the intent to offend should be frowned upon, but not banned.

  6. haha, I am part of the PC master race.
    Not political correctness but personal computer.

    It's an old fight over processing power. as you need a stationary computer to host a game without major drawback in the form of lag, programs crashing and sometimes components catching fire due to the load.
    Quantum supremacy is the right term, there is no other way to describe it's superiority in it's field of processing.
    While Windows or IOS are great user interfaces with their own pros and cons, the internet is lead by almost absolute Linux supremacy.

    In communism all is equally unable to take a leading role, as taking that role would get you into an unequal position of power.
    No plot of land is equal, no person is born equal etc.
    It's an ideology you can only believe in if you are handed everything without any knowledge of where it came from and how allowed it to exist.

    It's like that poem from the late 1700's, where all are equal under god, a life for a life.
    Though the village where the blacksmith hit a man to death in a drunken stupor had to present a life they chose to hang the old baker in his stead.
    It was a problem of equality, you can hang the blacksmith, but soon you would all be equally dead as your tools would rust and your horses would go without shoes.
    So when you look to "communist" utopias as best described in Startrek, without abundance, you can not seek equality or demand equality.

    Scarcity demand sacrifice, the Norse mythology is formed around the necessity to sacrifice the old making it a "sin" to die of sickness or old age but find redemption in death by combat.
    I recall growing up with an old DOS game where you manage a nordic village, it was quite complex and difficult to survive winter forcing you to make hard choices at every turn.

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