Completely STUCK! Joe Manchin Can’t Even Answer A Basic Question During Interview!


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  1. The name Joe has taken a rep hit recently, no doubt about that, but my dad is a Joe.

    Dad's 85, still mentally sharp, served 20 years, Army SkyCrane pilot in Vietnam, shot down thrice, having other officers secretaries two at a time(literally), and killed a man before he was 14…….. Those first gen Giga Chads were OP. 😎

    All that is absolutely true btw I actually met one of those secretaries. Not joking dad was(IS) the man.

  2. A snake is a snake. A Democrat is a Democrat. You have never seen a Recession taxed away. Communists suck no matter what color they paint their lies. Manchin was given an offer He couldn't refuse. Double Speak. Traitor! We Starve and they Enlarge!

  3. Inflation and recession are here to stay… the US is over, folks. Everyone see the USPS just made a Mail-In ballot DIVISION?!??? It’s all over.

  4. Yoda News: Yoda translator used for both!

    At the common sense, it’s pretty much common sense if you look.

    Below: No change?! Wtf?!

    Totally wrong.Absolutely totally wrong.Totally wrong.Youre looking at it from a political lens.

  5. If taxes and products go any higher, there will be no jobs worth going to with out making any money for yourself after working your full week or two week pay period !
    I won't work like that for any company !
    No proper paycheck no work let the companies fall let the government fall

  6. You want a conspiracy theory how about this one. People have been saying that because of the multiple covid diagnosis for Biden that he might get retired medically because he can't go anywhere or do anything. That means Harris gets promoted it's possible that Mansion was told that he would be in consideration for that replacement vice president position

  7. Dude, because Manchin was just playing the part to secure his voters. THat was all. He's never been centrist or anything like that. I've never bought his act

  8. He had a good run. He did far more than I would ever expect from a Democrat. He was the 1 thread that our country was hanging by and the pressure just became too much for him and he has finally snapped. Now we have nobody to stop the Left until the mid-terms. Hopefully we can hold on for a few more months when we gain back the majority.

  9. Ge is a Democrat, just because he sided with you a few times he was always going to di what the rest wanted. Don't forget they offered his wife a cushy government job with a 300k salary. I'm sure that was above board

  10. I said it before and I will say it again. Every time a democrat gets power you can expect increases of taxes, increases in cost of living, increases of fuel prices, and no increase in personal wage for those paying for it.

  11. All of this Democrat double speak is just teaching Americans to not trust them at face value. Calling something the "inflation reduction act" might have fooled Americans two decades ago, but after the "affordable care act" made healthcare more expensive on average, the majority of people know better than to trust a misleading name from the Democrats.

  12. I honestly don’t believe that Americans will ever wake up to what these communist are trying to do to our country and people ! Borrowing trillions of dollars and printing money we don’t have isn’t going to lower inflation ! Unless you happen to be a mindless indoctrinated brainwashed sheep 🐑. It’s like maxing out 7- credit cards trying to get yourself out of debt. These people have got to be removed from their offices come our midterm elections or we’re going to be finished forever as a country.

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