Comply and Acknowledge Country or be punished!

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An Engineering Student lost marks for not Acknowledging County. Tokenisitc statements that could cost you opportunities if you don’t comply. Yeah, that will help “bridge the gap”.


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  1. So doesn't it bother you the in the United States the same things happening indigenous peoples are being cheated in the UN wants to see them put first no matter if it's fair or unfair do you not see that your country is being controlled by the United Nations just like ours it's sad isn't it doesn't matter what country you're in the government sucks

  2. I acknowledge that I was born in this country like everyone else born here. But I have no rights to any land of my own, because I am discriminated against based on my skin colour.
    Where are my 100 hectares of land?

  3. The One Voice to Parliament in OZ and He Puapua in NZ both have the same objective to strip White Australians and Kiwis of their property rights and prosperity. Tip toe neo-Marxism like the Jews did in South Africa to the Afrikaners.

  4. Haha this is like the winner of a contest saying "Oh nah sorry that we won guys, sorry we were tougher and smarter, yeah we really shouldnt, here look we will take the back foot and be biatches while you do whatever you want to us, sorry again that we won, sorry"

  5. I won't do it, i won'tput my 'prefered pronouns' in my email signature or other place either.
    Don't comply with BS.
    If i am a guest somewhere, i think it is good to acknowledge the host. I am not a guest in my own city and i have certainly not been extended hospitality by any indigenous people.

  6. I think that this quite a bit more sinister than just being Woke or virtue signalling, these acknowledgments are creeping into everything and the ABC have now started to do it before most of its broadcasts. It may well be the first step in ceding control of as much land as possible by getting everyone to acknowledge this and that. But most immigrants are just going to shrug their shoulders and say "nothing to with me but I'm paying all these taxes, fess and other charges so I think that it's only fair to be treated the same as everyone else without being caught up in these divisive acts.

  7. The implications of this is rather ridiculous. I personally believe that treating EVERY Australian the same is the right thing, differentiating between skin colour or heritage is what I call racism. Were mistakes made decades/centuries ago, maybe, but I was not there so I can not judge, nor should I be judged for THOSE prior actions. Many times in my life time I have been told I am not eligible/allowed to participate in an event/job application because of my skin colour….. I was NOT of aboriginal heritage.
    Of course, I was also not allowed to claim it was discrimination. These double standards are what continues to cause drama across the country.

  8. Segregation is creeping in more and more in Australia despite it not working out too well for places like South Africa and the USA who ditched it long ago. We've had segregated services for years (e.g. Aboriginal Health Service and Aboriginal Legal Services etc) yet the outcomes for many Aboriginal people remain appalling. "The Voice" is yet more segregation and division. You're right, every Australian already has a voice to parliament. We need to protect our democratic representation and important principle of one vote one value.

    All of this talk about acknowledging traditional "ownership" of the land is BS. Traditional Aboriginal culture and connection with the land is not "ownership". If anything, traditional beliefs are more akin with the land owning the people rather than the other way around.

    If I was forced to include acknowledgement of ownership, I'd immediately follow it up with an equally long acknowledgement of the Creator. Be interesting to see if all beliefs are treated and respected equally.

  9. It is virtue signalling. Indigenous people had hundreds of languages and different traditions and were spread out over a huge area over Australia.

    The whole thing was invented in the 70s as a way of commodifying Indigenous Australia. The notion that different tribes with different languages and customs all had this "welcome to country " ceremony in common I ludicrous given the slightest amount of critical thought.

  10. I have lived on my property for 30 years and hopefully will live on it for another 30. That will be 60 years, a pretty good innings. When I finally die will the next owner be required to acknowledge me in any future dealing regarding my current property?. What do you recon?.

  11. This is so hypocritical
    Yea we will acknowledge the land was owned by the Aboriginals but if these people were serious about this bs they would give back the properties to the original owners.
    Will they No Way!
    As I said these people are hypocrites.

  12. I stopped taking my boy to a kids group because kids were forced to humble themselves for indigenous people, We don’t live in a Islamic country, there is no compulsion to humility for non believers.

  13. Yeah seeing so many presentations doing acknowledgement and I cringe over their virtue signaling. That indigenous course is the first thing forgotten about as any elective that one studied to get the credits that had little or nothing to do with their main degree. I wonder when the immigrants take over percentage wise from the English that they acknowledge the land they stand on as being of the blah blah of Bognor Tribe….

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