Condev Construction Enters Liquidation

#ConstructionRecession #Economy #HeiseSays
Condev Construction failed to reach an agreement with developers and has entered liquidation.


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  1. YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY, the globalists are collapsing the worlds economy, next will be the banks and the theft of your savings, and homes of those with a mortgage, sign over your homes to live in them.

  2. While I feel for the people affected, my larger view is that the ponzi housing market needs an adjustment. For the small amount of people that will be affected, there are a larger amount now (and in the future) that are facing turmoil due to the high cost of housing. Unfortunately even ScoMo said it on the 14th. We are in for a tough 10 years.

  3. So the build is nearly finished ??? its the legal way of leaving a job and avoiding any costs and yes the Australian Taxpayers and Voters will pick up the tab … The Taxpayers and Voters are well and truly screwed … Our governments watch on without the slightest flinch or twitch …

  4. Something certainly seems to be breaking now. Low interest rates forever and stimulus has held thing together with sticky tape and glue but that appears to be over now. Brace

  5. NEVER….buy an apartment ever there is never a good reason to buy a box of air in the sky with unlimited costs. How much more evidence do people need…buy something that includes the dirt (outside of the city if necessary)…or rent

  6. That’s scandalous that the subbies would have to pay money back for work done knowing they won’t get it back..personally if i was a subby I’d look at other avenues rather than repaying it..

  7. @florian –
    Burbank homes here in Victoria have been advertising if you sign up with them to build a house for you now they will HOLd the price for 2 years …..
    Desperation or a way to remove a sale from your competitors ??

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