CONFIRMED BLM Leftist Shot By PA Locals, Buildings TORCHED Across Kenosha, Riots Continue Nationwide

I caught this article only after recording but it is CONFIRMED

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  1. Neighborhoods need to organize. Get CB radios and scanners. Know your neighbors, everyone has to be roof koreans at the same time. Have communications, know your local militia.

  2. High density cities left leaning because they are developed from stage orange to stage green of spiral dynamics/ integral theory. Not sure why you say you understand the intellectual dark web when that is the basic stand point.

  3. I think martial law is coming. This won't end until it's recognized for what it is and appropriate emergency actions are taken. This isn't rioting; this is an organized Marxist insurgency accompanied by declarations of war. These groups are stockpiling weapons in preparation to up their game. It will get worse.

  4. Long-term unjust jail sentences is why people run and resist. Confiscation of homes and vehicles to be auction off by the drug task force is a criminal act. Murderers have a lesser sentence

  5. When are we going to go after the head of the snake george soros??????? Enough already,why is he allowed to sit back in his layer enjoying the suffering he has worked hard to create ???. He needs to go down!

  6. … don't make the bleep kids angry…
    …and never trust marxist filth!!
    And lol@JacobBlake… he's a wanted felon!!
    Well, he was a felon… now he's a paraplegic felon!! ???

  7. Unless a person has a weapon aimed at the cop, the police are NEVER justified in shooting ANYone. If WE can't get away with it, THEY should not. In fact, they need to be held to a much higher standard of conduct – they have too much equipment, training, funding, and support in the form of backup and the system itself, plus have the weight of the system and the intimidation it provides, all on top of choosing to enter in to that form of employment (usually for bad reasons).

    The fact is, they literally DO get away with murder .ALL the time. It's only recently that the cultural marxists, hoping to gain traction through racial politics, started calling them out on the deaths of blacks, and tried using it to paint them as racist. The public is ill-informed engough to have fallen for it. Cops are NOT racist. They kill more whites than they do blacks. By a large margin. The only color they see is blue. And if you are not blue, you are nothing but a filthy criminal who just hasn't been caught yet. Between that and being purely jack booted enforcers of the states will, and NOT protectors of the public, this is why we are at the point we are at. Even though the narrative is wrong, if it results in police being scaled back (or eliminated), GOOD! We NEED that.

  8. Imagine picking a fight with American conservatives lol who is more familiar with guns? Funny how the left are not crying for gun control when they murder innocent people including children.

  9. do you really think blm terrorist are their to provide help and assistance to the neighborhood? people already know that when a blm crowd is going thru neighborhoods it's to burn and create anarchy. not one instance of these leftist just protesting but to riot and murder.

  10. Why does a person need to register a new political affiliation to change how they vote? Is a Democrat's ballot different from a Republican's or a Libertarian's?

  11. There's got to be a delay on social media. An media needs to stop reporting the race of a person unless it's an active search going on. It's not a solution but it is steps.

  12. I don’t understand why these are not treated like terrorist. Put the marshall law and If they continue too bad for them…

  13. No one is responsible for the guy being paralyzed except himself, his father statements reveal partly why the kid went bad, his father obviously never made him be responsible for his own shit.

  14. No one is responsible for the guy being paralyzed except himself, his father statements reveal partly why the kid went bad, his father obviously never made him be responsible for his own shit.

  15. 9:17 I knew they would start doing this, I imagine myself in the situation, I will not say Black Lives Matter and I will not raise my fist, and if they get in my face I’m gonna considered a threat of violence and will Defend myself

  16. What I know about history and our cosmology people are afraid of and they should not be. Truth really does set you free. I am the one fighting the deep state that no one talks about because they do not want Americans to find out the work I am doing and how I have exposed this masonic ruling class for who they really are within my writings and videos. I am the founder of the Declaration of Independence Party and a Buddhist priest that has been attacked by the deep state for over 35 years for challenging them on every level. I been sued by Presidents and counter sued and won. The have hundreds of agents assigned to destroy my platform the People’s Intelligence Agency (PIA) and, and my Buddhist school that was taken by infiltrators sent in by Perkins Coie who used blackwater style thugs to infiltrate and extort my temple from me. They have assigned these Antifa like thugs to destroy my life and I have endured this for 30 years and they have murdered everyone and everything I loved. So Brian Rose can I please tell
    My story?

  17. Blake being paralyzed from the waist down is the second best possible outcome, because he's not dead but he's seriously hindered in harming anybody else. If his hands were too dysfunctional to wield a deadly weapon that would be ideal. The man is a danger to others.

  18. That Pennsylvania shooting was near where my brother lives. From what he's said, the Peaceful Protesters™ decided to try their noisemaking and light flashing outside somebody's house, and the homeowner came out with a shotgun and told them to clear out and they didn't so he cleared them out. EDITED TO ADD: The local news is referring to the BLM as "racial injustice protesters." I call BS. If they were pulled over by the side of the road that late at night they were trying to start something. Otherwise they'd have been at their hotel. BTW, who's paying for this? Hotel rooms for that many people night after night isn't costing them $1.50 a head.

  19. The woman that Jacob was sexually assaulting and/or raping a couple of times a yr. when he was drinking – I would be so relieved that he was paralyzed right now…. no more visits in the middle of the night. Sickening that that gofundme has raised more than million dollars already.

  20. When you know that the lawless are using you for cover for their acts YOU are an accomplice when you remain on the scene. When you complain about the cops that stay silent when their fellow officers abuse their power but YOU do exactly the same thing YOU are a textbook example of a hypocrite.