CONFRONTED: Jerry Nadler Calls ANTIFA Violence a “MYTH”

I ran into Jerry Nadler while I was driving in DC and asked him if he disavowed the violence from Antifa we are seeing in Portland. His response?





Written by Fleccas Talks

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  1. He thinks an actual threat to people is a myth.
    Can someone please tell me why he is in our government.

    I am not hating on him cause he is the left, but I am just actually concern how people like that are in our government.
    For intense, I like Trump and support him, but he does not have a lot of good morals, same with Joe.

  2. I like confronting people who enable this extreme leftist rhetoric but maybe you should have had a tablet so you can show him some of the videos where you can see recognizable landmarks so he can't say it's a myth

  3. Lol antifa is a decentralized movement with no major cases of violence. The so called violent acts in Portland commited by the anti-fascists consist of awful and reprehensible crimes like rocking a fence, spray painting, and exercising their God given rights as Americans to assemble peacefully. Calling antifa violent is hilarious to everyone who has a modicum of knowledge on the subject

  4. Ol' dual citizenship Nadler, like most of the non-POC dems, they're all dual citizens to the same country. And somehow that isn't a fifth column when BOTH parties have a huge membership from the same foreign power meddling in your affairs, getting a huge amount of cash given to them every year, and getting to send your troops on endless wars.