Confusion: Keeping up with shifting lockdown and vaccine narratives

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  1. I had to stop listening it the one minute mark. There's no f?king Delta variant. Christine Massey has been searching the globe for evidence that isolates of the original variant, SARS-CoV-2 have ever existed anywhere. No proof found! If you want the straight dope, visit Sayer Ji's Bitchute channel and watch the latest from Dr. Andrew Kaufman. Or listen to Dr Sam Bailey, Dr. Tom Cowan, etc.

  2. I think this might be one of your best. Just be careful with the Niacin as it's one of several things that may increase gout in some people in high doses after a while. Apparently having a fresh squeezed lemon with water can help keep the body's uric acid lower and more alkaline if you have gout or want to keep it away.

  3. Going back more than a year, I have contacted the International Criminal Court in The Netherlands, requesting that they prosecute Fauci for Crimes Against Humanity…… Since the United States is not a signatory to the ICC, I have requested that they prosecute him in absentia…… They have never responded to my requests.

  4. Thank God for your guidance, sir; for these past 18 months that I have been following you, here on YouTube. Much respect; and, a sincere thank you, from my family & I. Take care.

  5. australia does not have a real debate. the educated and policy makers seem to think either you believe in the WHO narrative completly or you are a conspriciy theorist who beleives the earth is flat smh typical yuppies in power at australia

  6. Is this virus a weapon engineered to target certain types of people or certain genomes? Gotta ask and don't give a shyte if everyone thinks it's a nutty question!

  7. Over 20 other countries have approved and are widely distributing full KITS including Ivermectin to treat this virus!! Average cost less than $3 ISD Per Kit! Look at these photos! I’m livid! ??? We are being SO DECEIVED!!! ?

  8. Chris ……. In your previous episode you queried if the delta variation was indeed lethal….. given the dropping death rates in India. …. And now your saying it IS ! ? ……

    Did u actually do the testing on it to see if it were the same ???? Or is this propaganda !????

  9. The issue isn't health and it really isn't getting everyone vaccinated. It's control. The control that comes with a vaccine passport, especially if if he passport is accentuated to make it like the China Social Credit scores.

  10. One thing is clear if a country wants to end the pandemic they should do the exact opposite what the WHO says. They wants to make this pandemic prolong as much as possible so they can vaccinate the whole population. Its not about the pandemic its all about vaccination.

  11. 6:36 There it is, possibly engineered against neanderthal genes! That means potentially engineered against Europeans because Europeans have a higher percentage of neanderthal genes than any other ethnicity of people worldwide! Although neanderthal ancestry is also fairly strongly represented in Asians as the second highest percentage, except for the southern Asian groups of Singapore, Indo China region, Philippines, Indoneisa, etc., are much less Neanderthal past genetic mixing than all other Asian groups.

  12. There was a video a few moths back where the guy who invented theP C R test said

    Dr fauchi was an untrustworthy person and he is not to be trusted also he said the pcr
    Test whir not desighnd for covid and are not valid as for covid it needs to be magnafied
    Beyound axceptable magnafication levells this video was on utube but i think its been takin down

  13. There are cases of children as young as 3 yrs old dying because of Covid in India. Delta variant is not safe for any age group.. everyone else should maintain physical distance and double mask! It minimizes the infection. Also inspite of taking my 1st dose of vaccination my viral load was still high .

  14. Does the Delta variant even exist? I thought the Delta variant involved Delta Airlines, and their flight crews and flight attendants going mental onboard their airliners, scaring the passengers to death.

  15. When they came up with a Polio vaccine they eradicated Polio. It took years to come up with a vaccine. When they came up with a Smallpox vaccine they eradicated Smallpox. So what's the deal with COVID-19? A vaccine that doesn't work, that eradicated nothing but people's patience?

  16. first time Ive heard that the delta variant viral load of a vaccinated person is the same as an unvaccinated person – straight from Fraudci's gob no less- I'd always assumed that vaccine antibodies would reduce the viral load – thats pretty concerning

  17. its now blatantly obvious the zero covid "strategy" using hard lockdowns in Australia need to be dropped – if we are all relying on non sterilising vaccines then covid is here with us to stay & there is no way Australia can try to keep it at bay forever with never ending lockdowns

  18. Chris I have been following you since the beginning of this crap, I find your information very valuable. Have taking most of the Terrain improving supplements before I started listening to you I have added a few since to improve my Terrain.

    I fall in the upper right quadrant, I also have other issues I am allergic to several drugs and am a Guillian Barre survivor and have been told never take a Flue vaccine. This is a Flue vaccine is it not. Guess what about me getting a vaccination “yah right”. To hell with them if they can’t take a joke.

  19. Chris is sloppy again: NSW is locked down and has 8 mill. He uses Worldometer, when one click further he can use the official figures on the health website: 2557 cases, almost half in last 7 days. Almost 200 hospitalised, of which 58 ICU. The latter are lagging indicators as is death which Chris knows. His conclusions are botched as a result.

  20. In 1980 the percentage of processed foods in the average American diet was 32-percent. In 2021 the percentage of processed foods in the average American diet had risen to over 60-percent. Obesity has risen easily that much in 40-years. See the connection? Same for Diabetes, heart disease, hyper tension, sedentary habits, the works. It's like we're Tribbles being feed the poisoned grain. See the connection?