Congress May Have Just Handed Trump Re-Election

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From GetYourNewsOnWithRon.
Guest: @SteveAlvarez
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Artwork by Storie Grubb

Written by Ron Placone

Ron Placone is a comedian, producer/writer for The Jimmy Dore Show, contributor to TYT Nation and this is his home on YouTube.


  1. The question you need to be asking yourself, is who's more polarizing. And that's the person more people will be voting against.

    Brain dead Joe, will be your next president. Those dimwitted Russia Gate people have tunnel vision. Like it or not, they are coming out to vote.

    By November we will be close to 200, 000 dead from coronavirus. Biden could be in his tighty whities doing Nazi salutes from now until the election. He will be your next president.

  2. forget normal. get back to 1977! bleh
    pelosi & schumer are dino so no surprise, trump lying bs… still
    mnuchin is a talking turd like Pelosi & schumer, dems only want to collect donor $$$


    It was a night of 1000 Knives, the Centrists destroyed the Progressives with backroom bullshit that proved they work for the 1%, now and forever.

  4. Ummm Interest rates are at record lows .25 is crazy low if you can swing it, nows the time to get a home… or refinance… so that is factually wrong… hmm let it Bern? Sad thing is we may need to still hit bottom before we can start to change shit…

  5. Rump's EOs are nothing but smoke and mirrors. You think this is going to "hand" reelection to the tangerine traitor? Come November the country will be in much worse condition than it is now.

  6. History has shown us time and time again that voters turn out to vote FOR candidates, not AGAINST other candidates. The Dems clearly want to lose.

  7. How about anyone who makes $35,000 or less a year that now has 20 hours a week instead of 40, how about we give all those people lost wages from the pandemic? Oh, we can't do that? Okay. Yep, figured that was impossible. What do we need to do? Bail out billionaires again? Okay.

  8. Those meaningless EO's do nothing for anyone. This current circus would only attack social security and medicare, don't be fooled.

  9. why, when so many things are transpiring in the entire world, things that could lead to our very demise, are we focusing on the election? It's fake, it matters not, they will put in whomever they want as usual, yet we are spending valuable energy on something that will not save us.

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  11. There's a YouTube channel called The Great War that does a week by week account of WWI, which they originally published on the 100 year anniversary of that week and (although, since they want to stay on YouTube, they don't say it) the parallels are eerie.