Congress Members Send Demand Letter to FDA Commissioner: Investigate COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries Now

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Last week, Greg Steube, a Republican U.S. Representative from Florida, wrote and sent a letter to FDA Commissioner Robert M. Califf demanding full compliance with laws associated with the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting (VAERS) data and the COVID-19 vaccines. This letter was cosigned by two members of Congress, including Rep. Michael Cloud (R-Texas) and Rep. Tom Tiffany (R-Wis.)

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  1. Translation – We want Big Pharma to investigate themselves…wonder what they will find. Oh..and they have immunity for damages done. Oh…and by giving themselves a clean report, they can mitigate vaccine hesitancy and make even more money.

  2. Nice one Adrian and all at TrialSite News
    From day one it was made very clear that vaccines gave total immunity to drug companies so they couldn't be held liable to prosecution if anything went wrong.
    Surely this was a red flag.

  3. Has anyone thought to push the vaccines to approval instead of allowing the "authorization" scam to continue? I wonder how quickly the vaccines would disappear, once manufactures become directly liable?

  4. The FDA are guilty of complete dereliction of duty to the health of the American public, and to the wider world who blindly follow their WILD GUESSWORK, WHICH SHOULD HAVE NO PLACE IN EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE.

    It has only been possible for them to behave this way because we have a critical mass of dumbed down population who buy into an aggressive, hostile handwaving narrative that they CLAIM to be based on science, without the proper rigor that ought to be MANDATORY.

    Rest assured that among the educated and higher IQ section of the population, the damage to the credibility of the FDA and America as leader in medical decision-making, is close to IRRETRIEVABLE.


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