Congress Preps $12 BILLION MORE For Ukraine | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar look at the plan from Congress to send $12 billion more in aid to Ukraine on top of the $40 billion already sent their way

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  1. For everyone here moaning about lack of $ for stuff in USA –

    Infrastructure Bill of 2021 :

    Clean Drinking Water and Water Infrastructure: $105 billion

    About $55 billion will go towards replacing the nation's lead pipes and service lines to provide cleaning drinking water. The deal also includes over $50 billion in funds towards

    weatherization and protecting against the impacts of climate change, such as droughts and floods.

    Roads, Bridges, and Major Projects: $110 billion

    Public Transit: $39 billion

    Passenger and Freight Rail: $66 billion

    EV Infrastructure, Electric Buses, and Ferries: $15 billion.

    Airports, Ports and Waterways: $42 billion

    High-Speed Internet: $65 billion

    Environmental Remediation: $21 billion

    .Power Infrastructure: $73 billion

  2. No safe drinking water in Jackson Mississippi, Flint and lead in Chicago's drinking water. But billions for weapons???? U.S is fast becoming a third world country. Life expectancy 76 years compared to 84 in countries like Australia.

  3. It's fairly obvious that Biden loves the war bro. Makes fossil fuels incredibly expensive and aids the push to zero carbon whilst giving the blame entirely to some nutjob in Russia. This is why we prop up the Ukranians. This is why we enable the war.

  4. Any retard knows at this point that we have many….many Americans auditing this aid with Ukraine. So Breaking Points here and their loose pro-Russian stance can F-off with their lies at this point. Plus you keep bringing on ole Glen Greenwald. Probably the biggest pro-Russian grifter besides tulsi and tucker.

  5. I really like what Saagar mentions at the 7:25 (roughly) mark – no one is against helping, but Europe needs to pull their fair share. Right now, it seems very much like the US is footing the entirety of the bill. If I were a European nation, especially eastern, I’d had a vested interest in making sure Russia is kept in check. Right now, it seems like they’re expecting their wealthy uncle that is the US of A to pay for everything. Unless I’m unaware of something currently happening, we need to put our foot down & tell them to help lift the load.

  6. This is total horse shit Biden can't leave office quick enough our economy is going to crap but yes let's send more of our hard earned $ to a more corrupt country than the one we live in smh

  7. Jesus Christ 😂 stop feeding them money WE need here in the homeland 😂

    Edit: they literally are just spending our money however they want 😂 I need to get out of here. There has to be at least one competent country, right?!

  8. It's because they are laundering the money while telling you that it's going towards Ukraine. This is why they no longer want to keep a record of the military equipment they are sending.. zero transparency.

  9. Somebody needs to find their secret accounts. They're getting some major kickbacks from this money they're just giving away……while Americans don't even have drinkable water.
    The corruption stinks to high heaven.

  10. What the hell is this? Why do they continue to give that corrupt regime billions upon billions of dollars? The inflation worsens as they print more money, and soon a recession will strike and obliterate us!

  11. Why don't they ask Americans if they agree to send tens of billions of dollars abroad? They have already sent 65 billion to that corrupt dictatorship in Kiev this year, which is absurd. I'm positive that less than 1% of Americans will support such madness.

  12. The President should have sole authority over military aid towards Ukraine. The President is the commander in chief of our armed forces and it is his responsibility to direct foreign military interventions. You two are more afraid of Ukrainian victory than you are if Russian nuclear strikes on Ukraine

  13. The $300 mil/day we spent in Afghanistan is chump change.

    But when we spend a stink'in nickel on the American people, it will be called "socialism" and be debated endlessly before it dies an untimely death…

    We live in a Kleptocracy people.

    Little over a month to boot all these people out!! Make it your mission!!!

  14. Our country is going to hell, farmers need a break, schools and academics are going crappy woke etc…….DC is shoveling billions of taxpayers money to a country that we….America……has absolutely no strategic interest in…….this phony war………LETS GO BRANDON!!!

  15. Please go research how US security assistance works and exactly how much is funneled back into the US through spending, taxation, etc. It is not a "blank check" to Zelensky's bank account. This is very misleading. Do a deep dive and figure this out and then do one of your monologues.

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