Congress screws workers to escalate war on Russia

As gas prices and inflation surge, Max Blumenthal heads to Capitol Hill to question members of Congress on the economic toll American workers face from escalating sanctions on Russia, and on their support for escalating the war in Ukraine through a massive new arms package.

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  1. Our imports from Russia are only 8% of our use, and we are still an oil/gas exporter. The price increases are way out of line, and pure corporate greed. And gas SHOULD be $5/gallon. America(n companies) fought tooth and nail to avoid mileage standards, and fought public transit, and efficient rail, so tough shit.

  2. honestly, if you care about the enviroment high gas prices are what you want. high prices may do more to support an energy transition than all these mini-measures that we've seen from our governments up until now.

  3. It’s a fact but it’s just not news anymore. And this I can’t remember what I just said Politician face is a liar just like the murder for hire liar he replaced!! Saw this on Jimmy Dore already. The level of brainwashing is ASTOUNDING!!! The lack of self thought is frightening!! A call to flags is simply a call to WW3!! We are not the only people who have a flag to rally together under. A call to rally under the flag is a call to OBEY and engage in WARFARE without questions!!! All questions will be seen as treason by whatever group you belong to!!

  4. Wowza. Your wrong on so many levels.
    We owe Ukraine because we talked them out of the nukes that would of kept Russia at bay. We should been there day one.
    Shame you feel that Russia should be able to invade any lNd they want.

  5. "fun" fact: my country, Austria, gets 80% (!) from it's natural gas from Russia. 2/3 of that gas goes to Upper Austrian industry, which is where i live. this whole thing may not end well for us xD

  6. Paying a couple bucks to start wars is perfectly fine with the dominant society. Paying reparations not so much. What started with Black people will end with the white middle class, leaving America hegemony in taters. Unable to stop China the elites are going to loot the white American middle class because those are the people with the assets. Black people will get hit, but the small amount has something to lose. The only group that American elites can take from en masse are the white Middle-class citizen.
    The American oligarchy's use of race to keep its position in the world made China the dominant economic power. Without Black communities to rob, the elites are going to raid middle America. Churchill was wrong, even in the face of total destruction Americans still won't do that right thing, that is never their final option.

  7. American establishment only cares about how to keep Russians away from its bio labs in Ukraine….. listed how nervous and worried Victoria Nuland was during her reporting to the Senate the other day…..

  8. Whilst my heart goes out to the people of Ukraine right now, it also goes out to the Citizens of the USA who have to live with the super dumb, un-informed politicians. Britain🇬🇧 was known as 'Great' Britain for years, but now its shrunk back to a tiny little island. USA and its dollar has had its day, and will hopefully end up being a normal country like Canada and Mexico, finally minding its own business. Instead of causing mayhem around the world, it should take care of its own. To truly make America 'Great' again, then providing free university education and health care could be a good a start. Really supporting and encouraging small & medium businesses, (plus more) farmers to flourish is important too. It has great potential that is sadly wasted making rich people richer through the death and destruction of war overseas.

  9. I love this, folks that support these corrupt politicians they stand and talk with their questions, gray zone journalists they keep walking and just idiotic answers. The ones who make sense they stand and talk.

  10. We stand up for freedom, we always done that as a nation… How somebody can say something like that when the USA are the real enemy of freedom around the globe… All the wars made for oil… Max u should t give more voice to those monsters…

  11. OMG.. unbelievable.. you people the Americans are in badly need of a new system to be rule by the people for the people.. currently you have a bunch of deluded moron in charge selected by the oligarch for the oligarch all of it legitimised by brain washing the bread and circus masses.. this is crazy..

  12. If Ro Khanna is the left then there is no left. The lesson of Jimmy Stewart's, "Mr Smith Goes to Washington" is that a moral man can't survive Congress. The institution rewards coercion, dissembling and cynicism. It elevates the most ambitious and least principled people in public life.

  13. Holy crap, the US is the dictator….the world that doesn't want U.S. as its dictator, is the enemy of the neo-liberal world order ! These people are sick bastards.

  14. Soon…munuchin will swoop in like some rabid bat to buy up all our defaults and evict the losers in this game.

    Let's make more chaos… better yet a war to distract and confuse the three job anxiety filled class that soon will be begging for soup and singing for quarters.

    Thanks Nancy…go eat some ice cream you crooked witch.

  15. Gas prices are bullshit. They rise from speculation not from actual cost per barrel.
    These sanctions hurt citizens all around the world not the Russian government.
    What we need to do is get off of fossil fuels and limit the profit margins on fossil fuels to encourage the oil sellers to switch to renewables along with new legislation on renewable energy.

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