Congressional Candidate Delivers POWERFULLY Inclusive Speech Calling For Moderate Voters To Join GOP

Sean Parnell (congressional GOP candidate for PA-17) joins Tim to discuss his recent speech at the RNC, during which he called for everyone willing to defend freedom to join the right side of the spectrum.

Guest: Sean Parnell, PA-17 congressional district candidate
Twitter: @SeanParnellUSA
Instagram: @SeanParnellOfficial

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. I'm a pro-choice, pro-gun, pro-weed, Republican. Guess that means I'm pro-freedom. Democrats are anti-freedom. Republicans have a much larger tent nowadays.

  2. What he just said is the exact same thing that has happened to the Labour party in the UK, they don't represent working British, just follow the money.

  3. For me, it was when Trevor Noah didn't condemn BLM protests, the first ones, during a global pandemic, but actively cheered them on.

    No matter if its peaceful or not, this is not the time. I live in Europe, I have nothing to do with the US, but that was the moment I stopped following the blue media like Trevor Noah and John Oliver.

  4. ROFL, what a lying pos, this is the same guy now saying "you don't have to comprimise your values" when he literally declared Liberals and Progressives to be the same. Now he wants actual Liberals who he insulted to join with him ? What a tool and what a tool for you not pointing this out Tim, not a week ago this guy was attacking the people he now wants to extend a hand too ? I spit in it.

  5. And remember that I said before our great president Donald Trump will be reelected and no matter what, and he will because he did very well, and that's why I thanks God every single day just to have president trump at this moment.

  6. EVERY election the Democrats tell the aged that the Republicans are going to take your social security. You can count on it.

  7. The only people who are being truly politically disenfranchised are the people on the right. The formerly right-leaning parties are shifting to the left with the overton window, and they're shifting further left to attract the disaffected leftist voters. This might turn out to have bad consequences a bit later down the line, and I am somewhat concerned about that.

  8. He did an amazing speech but I had to laugh at the grin at the end.

    But seriously, the Republican Party has turned back to its roots. All people who share the American dream are welcome, it's that love for the country that bonds them even if some things are disagreed upon. It's the freedom part that is most important.

  9. In past years the Republican Party gave itself over to the southern preachers mentality. Way too many people you had to hate to be a Republican. You can read the old school hater Republicans in the comments under any story that even mention a dinosaur GOP trigger population. I hate to break it to you, Rush listeners, but you are a tiny fraction of the real world. They openly say "if you don't agree with our abortion stance, you're a rino and don't vote". The world has evolved, Dittoheads. There is a lot more at stake here than 'Heather has two mommies'. I'm gay, vegetarian, anti-war, 63 year old weed smoker. I'm voting for Trump because the health of the entire country is more important than all your divisive issues. And, I believe, most Americans are centrist and want to get along with everyone. Leave the divisive, identity politics to the Democrats. I consider everyone to be my brother (or sister). That's what we need in America more than anything.