Congressional Democrats shun Ukraine peace campaign

Veteran antiwar activists Medea Benjamin and Tighe Berry speak to Max Blumenthal about Code Pink’s new campaign for negotiations between the US and Russia over Ukraine and a halt to billions in military aid. Benjamin and Berry discuss the chilly reception their advocacy received from even some progressive Democratic members of Congress and critique “America First” Republicans that claim to oppose the Ukraine proxy war.

Benjamin and Berry also discuss the state of the US antiwar movement and the arbitrary post-1/6 restrictions which prevent the public from entering the US Capitol building to lobby members of Congress.

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  1. Their opposition to building a coalition with the ppl on the right is too bad. Such a missed opportunity to get a lot of attention on the anti-war cause. I think it’s super presumptions to assume MTGs motives… I don’t know what they are either but a plausible theory is she’s against the war bc her constituents are. I was a life long dem (now I’m nothing bc it’s all crap) from NYC. A few years back I moved to Savannah GA after visiting. I used to other Republicans just like this lady- now I have more context regarding the why behind their beliefs. A lot of republicans where I live are not for the war bc of Biden. If she bothered to get out of her bubble and ask- she would learn their opposition comes from having their children die or come back mentally fucked from the Afghanistan war. They understand their lives are so much harder and sadder than they should be and how this suffering wasn’t for honor, it was a scam to enrich military contractors. They have righteous anger that could converted into Brut energy to get things done if tapped into.

  2. Medea Benjamin is such an abject fool. The MAIN reason the left is *losing* in opposing war (and on many other issues) is that we are *not* building coalitions against war with the right and libertarians. I have been a climate crisis and environmental justice activist for over 30 years as my full time job. But I *still* have the basic common sense to build coalitions with conservatives who I disagree with on other issues, to GET THINGS DONE.

  3. Tighe does not understand why Russia invading Ukraine is a threat world peace? Try remembering what happened in Germany from 1936 up to the invasion of Poland by Germany. New players, same old game.

  4. Tighe and Medea, you're wrong about coalition with the "America First" Right. Politics makes strange befellows and whe YOU refuse to work with others of different political orientation to END THIS WAR provocation, they YOU are no longer the solution – you're part of the problem. Fanaticism is the enemy, whether it's you or them.

  5. The United States could solve its housing problem with $41 billion dollars? Leave it to a medical magazine to come up with an idea like that. Rational people know what would happen to the money, and it wouldn't help the homeless.

  6. THIS IS A RACE WAR! The WEF is organising to save themselves from Climate Apocalypse by weaning Europe off fossil fuel, starving the non white world through sanctions, and using medical terrorism along with extreme censorship. Their scenario is to reduce world population to enable the wholesale grab of resources to sustain their own life styles.

  7. Nah, price of gas rose in the beginning for other reasons, before the Ukraine conflict started, and it's exactly because of 'the green new deal'. That's the problem – these people are well meaning but just stupid. The US does not get that much fuel from Russia. We were energy independent under Trump. Absolutely he was not the best candidate internationally speaking, but he was sure better than ANY of the democrats, and especially the so called 'progressive' ones (in reality REGRESSIVE)

  8. I don’t feel comfortable fighting together with others against war and destruction if they don’t share all my views. Why try to make a difference if you have to do it with republicans? That’s incredibly unfortunate… We have to move beyond this nonsense if we hope to ever change things! The only difference between R and D politicians is their rhetoric. It’s game to get votes.

    Max, I dig the “man on the street” interviews!

  9. 1:18 "We are the largest colonial power today."

    What does that have to do with protecting Ukrainians from a tyrant who sent an army to force them to their knees?

    I've gone to the streets to protest America's unjustifiable wars.

    1:38 "We need an opposition."

    When America does evil we'll have an opposition, I'll be there.

    2:46 "Just think about now, how the U.S. and all throughout Europe are getting more licenses to be able to use coal fire plants, to be able to get more of the Nuclear plants to be extending their life, to be gutting some of the regulations."

    I agree, that sucks. How do we survive economically and protect the Ukrainians? A person's priorities might have t change while their house is on fire.

    3:32 "There's a silencing of people on the left."

    Lefties, like me, aren't silent about our opposition to Putin as he follows in Hitler's footsteps. "Hate America First" broken records like you are free to speak too. Nobody's silencing you, we're just not agreeing with you.

    Donald Trump is a Russian asset, as are his supporters.

    Be flexible.

    I'll step away from criticizing American foreign policy and call for giving Ukrainians the tools to join a democratic Europe.

    You make common cause with Republicans for a change and work to force Ukrainians, and eventually Eastern Europe, under the boot of a tyrant.

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