Congressmen Call For DOJ Action Against Netflix Over “Cuties,” This Is The BIGGEST Red Pill Moment

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  1. It is more than twerking: close up of crotches and bums while twerking, exposed female breast, etc. It is insane that Netflix had the audacity to try and defend it in any way possible. It is illegal sexual exploitation of a minor. All these girls are way below the age of consent. It is prosecutable.

  2. If this movie doesn't seem totally messed up to you, then YOU are messed up. Years ago, there were some unusual youtubers spewing prophecy that President Trump was going to expose the evil…….and the people doing the evil things called Trump Evil… how weird that it came true. Unless you support BLM, Child Exploitation, Marxism, etc…… you're now "Right Wing". It really has changed from Liberal vs. Conservative to Evil vs. Not Evil.

  3. Tim while I agree with almost everything you said, but I have to point out the negligence of you not watching the film and yet having a very strong opinion on it. Now let it be clear, I'm not defending this film. In my opinion it doesn't really matter what Netflix says because at the end of the day they still made a group of kids strip down and filmed it, and while I think the social topic needed to be addressed but this was the worst way it could have happened.

  4. You know what bugs me about Cuties. It's not the film. This film was meant to be a controversial critique on child s*xualization. The film ends with the girl being so upset at what she's done, at how unhappy she is even though she gets so many likes, she quits everything and and goes back to being a child and plays hopscotch. I won't watch it, because I read the actual description and have no desire, and because of Netflix. Netflix's poster is disgusting, and the description is deceiving. If this film was released with it's original french poster, no one would complain. BUT the main problem I have with this, is this film is not even as bad as what we witness on dance stars tv shows. It's not as bad as the american dance teams little girls are going in because of their parents. Kids, right now, are dancing in over-s*exulized outfits and their parents are recording it, because their kid looks like a star. There are 8 yr old twerking to WAP right now on tik tok. This film bring a reality to parents who happily let/make their kid do such adult things. The problem: NO ONE IS ACKNOWLEDGING THIS. Rather we panic and attack a film, that is literally saying, this is what you are doing to your kids right now. Netflix should be hit for this, but america needs to be a shame of themselves. Tik Tok has probably been the best app for pedos, and no one cares enough to say a damn thing.

  5. Don't be so sure that everyone is disgusted by this. These same suburban House wives will sign their girls up for kiddie beauty pageants, put them in tight clothes etc. It's very truly sick.

  6. Law enforcement should investigate persons downloading clips of Cuties to their devices just as they would anyone else involved in the consumption of child pornography.

  7. This show may be crap but the doj is going to do what?
    French film – not US, already on netflix, already copied by whoever wants a copy, getting attention by everyone, etc. It’s already out of the bag. Done.

    Gradual step towards sympathy and acceptance of pedo. You’re being slowly indoctrinated.

  8. I bet people in the movie industry do love it…. which is why there's always stories of sexual assault and stories involving children in the movie industry