Connecting The Dots: The Rulers Are Losing Narrative Control

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Thank you producers! — William Fitz, Nicholas Carlough, Kyle K. Mann, Robin Laurain, Andrew Standfast, Orleny Silverio, FreeAssangeNow, Michaelynn Kyjonka, Medea Benjamin.


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  1. When, on the internet, in 2010 or so, I could not find certain quotes by Abraham Lincoln and Emma Goldberg, or a reel of Soviets blowing up Reichstag, I could sense the memory black hole opening from an algorithmic torture chamber.

  2. Who would have thought – War is NOT peace. Slavery is NOT freedom and strength is NOT in ignorance.

    Everybody says they want freedom but few want to pick at the elephant in the room – the money system that slaves us to labor-for-income. That system has got to go. It is unsustainable and it is killing us.

    We are technically past the point where we should be laboring for an income to pay for basic needs. Basic needs are FREE from Mother Nature. We've just lost sight of that because capitalism has run amok and poisoned our minds to forget the truth that we all knew as a child – life is supposed to be free. It is a crime against humanity that we have to pay to live on a planet that nobody owns, we all just borrow it for sometime.

    The world is basically a library of resources. With scientific management of resources, automation expansion and getting back to that true community-spirit or Kindergarten ethic of "Sharing is caring" we could all live a high quality life, better than every seen before, if we demanded and moved for this sort of change. A Natural Law Resource Based Economy!

  3. The world must work together against the US who behaves like a mafia. The US lies, funds chaos, chemical weapons and wars throughout history. Remember US lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and invaded Iraq which caused millions of life lost or displaced. They must be charged with war crimes with all the wars they've created throughout history.

  4. It seems like more conservatives are open-minded to the possibilities of UFOS than the left-leaning liberals, who come off as more close-minded and never really having any discussion on the topic of UAPs.

  5. ex Canadian defence minister
    said there was four different
    kinds of aliens that visit earth
    at the moment.also that the
    wrong people have there tech.
    used it to dustify the twin towers.
    so I looked it up, Dr Judy wood 911
    photos.can someone explain where
    1.2 million ton of steel and concrete

  6. all i see is too much student loan debt, too many guns, too high gas prices and rich bastards buying up all the real estate, and at best politicians saying 'wont someone else besides us do anything about it?', at worst politicians sayin 'hell yeaah! thats how we liiike it'

  7. there are certain things, like, for instance, cars that cost more than an average person's house. well, the average person doesn't have a house any more, but the house that they looked at but couldn't afford. so take that amount of money, whatever it is, and then there is a guy with a car that costs more than that. those people are the enemy.

  8. As I watched this I thought to myself if government creating space ex and admitting there are UFOs will this be the next elevation of destruction when they start to blame aliens for more mass murder. Using this concept as justification for murder

  9. Great job as alway's. That's the way corrupt power has been fooling the masses for decades, on the surface they pose as Robin Hood when underneath the costume and mask their robbers of the masses and give the money to the killer corporations and war profiteers.

  10. America probably payed Saudi to help the do 9/11 there’s something funny at building 7 there’s something funny about the hole thing but what’s funnier than that is this bloke looks like Zilencky

  11. Yes and do not worry, us that do not fall into the rhetoric msm BS, can see very clearly who is behind all of this! And the word is being spread.

  12. Dude just saw your interview with George Galloway…realized you got redacted…smh … subscribed…. watching from Nairobi Kenya. Keep up keeping on Lee. We will always find you ..just keep on hammering the unapologetic content. Tunakusupport Lee

  13. I have seen a lot of UFO in life Time with different family members , I do know the difference between the latest and greatest air craft here on earth. I'm 😂🤣 still laughing at the Shitt they showed the world and everyone is amazed at this crap.. when if they would take the time to look up they would truly be amazed at what their own eyes would see🤔🇺🇲🌍🤔

  14. They laugh in front of our faces and give us a the finger in the back .. calling us (especially here in America) a bunch of ignorant dummb fucks.. I don't blame them the issue is not Republicans vs Democrats 🤔🇺🇲🤔 the issue is the American people vs our Mafiosos American Government 🤔🇺🇲🌍🤔🤑👹🤑

  15. Excess of Democracy? Like I told my landlady; I don’t remember voting for you! But I don’t know what you call the ism you got working here and I don’t want to appear as a threat to the Democracy BUT I don’t think it would be a good idea! You want your job to depend on how the people here vote for or against you? Want your job and livelihood to depend on the opinions of the people living here? I think you better keep the ism you have and FORGET this Democracy idea… Pardon me! I am a Putant puppet and he’s pulling my strings again!! No telling what I’ll do next! I better put myself under surveillance!! PUTANT!! STOP IT!! LEAVE ME ALONE! I WANT TO MOVE MY OWN ARMS AND LEGS!!! Life is very difficult when you become a PUTANT PUPPET 🤪

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