Consequences for not doing the “right thing” (Neil Oliver and Bret Weinstein)

Bret speaks with Neil Oliver about the COVID conference in Bath and on their experiences throughout the pandemic.

Neil Oliver is a British television presenter, archaeologist, and author. He is best known as the presenter of several documentary series on archaeology and history, including A History of Scotland, Vikings, and Coast. He is also an author of popular history books and historical fiction.

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  1. The delusion here is sickening. Evolutionary biologists are not virologists! No wonder the world is going to hell. You all win the Dunning-Kruger award.

  2. I prayed to God ,asking if I should go for the shot and what He thought about it.His reply was;”Will you be wanting to get all the subsequent ones as well?” This was back when one shot only was all it would take. Happily,I decided to give it a miss. I’m glad I asked.

  3. The way authorities did and are doing is rather alarming to say the least ⁉️🤔😡
    In the future we ( Humans)
    Must be a lot more into it ,
    We must act quicker ,
    There is no doubt ,
    Can get you killed !
    Or your loved ones !🕊️🙏
    I can Not allow such authoritarian tyranny to exist ,
    Gather the Clans ,
    Secure your resources ,
    Build your defenses ,
    Urban and Rural !
    The human race ,
    If it wishes to survive ,
    Must , consider these things ,
    Such will become the future each village ,
    Each community ,
    Should institute a place ,a (Creoc)?
    You know what I mean 😂😉
    2 notes :
    If you are willing to participate in the Clan ,
    Or you are not willing to participate in the clan !?🤔
    Your choice is very limited 🤔😔
    Depending on the leading rulers of the day mmmmh !😔🤔
    I wonder 🤔
    What the ancients would think of our actions , today ?🤔
    Your ancestors !⚔️🕊️🙏
    For did we not fight against the God's of old ,
    And Win !🤔⚔️🕊️🙏
    We all know what the answer is to our current predicament ,
    If they want depopulation ,
    Let's give it to them ,
    They're first !!!😑🗽⚖️😎🎱⚔️🕊️🙏
    In order for there to be order ,
    There must be a PURGE !⚖️😎🎱⚔️🕊️🙏
    There words keep resonating in our ears , I'm finding those words rather deceptive to say the least !🤔😑
    It is why in New Zealand , 5 years ago ,
    The law abiding citizens , decided to keep there weapons !⚔️🕊️🙏
    Just in case !⚔️🕊️🙏
    Fact : 1st Hunter's was created by the NZ military back in 1980 !
    All 1st hunters , can arm 5 more + ,
    There are 250.000 registered firearms owners , ?
    X5 , and that is just a estimate 😂😂😂
    I would love to go deeper , but Hey !
    Can't give away to much info mmmmh !😂⚔️🕊️🙏
    Massive Love and Respect my Brother's , you and yours are most welcome at my Tables 🤗🗽⚖️😎🎱⚔️🕊️🙏

  4. "It's like something is wrong" that something is called Fascism. Private public partnerships at the tax payers expense with their jackboots primed to push the agenda on behalf of the mobster banking cartel. It's an old story with new and improved technology.

  5. I reacted the exact same way as Neil .
    My husband however decided to try the Pfizer ( one in May next in August) this past April my husband got Covid ( was just a bit under the weather a few days ) I on the other hand never got anything……
    Go figure …..We live in a one bathroom house and yes constantly share beverages…..
    We are both fit and in our mid sixties….

  6. I had the exact physiological, gut intuition that Neil had. The danger/threat reactions I had, which I recognize from past experiences, made me sit back and wait before jumping the gun.
    My intuition has never let me down yet!

  7. In Australia people are still being bludgeoned with the "no jab no job" policies of all States and Territories and enabled by our former conservative Federal government. Thousands of nurses Australia-wide have had the courage to refuse. I know of some who now take cleaning jobs to make ends meet – and they cry as they do and our health system is collapsing under the madness of vaccine mandates.
    The recent election resulted in Australians replacing the Conservatives with the Labor Party. Churchill had the average voter worked out after a 5 minute chat – stupid. And we Aussies are an order of magnitude below stupid because a Federal Labor government will go full Totalitarian asap.

    Almost no one in Australia can avoid the vaccine if they want to keep their job, their kids, their spouse, their house.
    Up until July 2021 we had zero deaths from c-19, all died with covid, the average age being 82+. The most populous State, NSW, had 56 deaths. Qld 7, NT 0, WA 5, Tasmania 13. Only Victoria bucked the trend with 800+, due to Dictator Dan, their premier, stipulating to doctors to get creative with the data collection.

    The vaccines were rolled out slowly in May 2021 and the deaths and hospitalisations increased. This year alone there have been approx 6,000 deaths – all attributed to c-19 and variants. Despite omicron being called a very mild variant no journalist has questioned the anomaly of this mild variant causing a 5,000% increase in deaths during our summer and usual mild autumn. We can rest assured that the spike in deaths has nothing to do with the population supposedly being 94% vaccinated… Australia and the world go into the greatest cover-up in history.

  8. The problem wasn't the almost immediate – do the right thing or you bad, and we'll punish you …it's that they never provided a reasonable – a vetted reason to demonstrate what is "the right thing". If people have an actual vetted answer for back a plan of action – this is what you do as a rational person. Yes, they would probably have to take some time educating. But nothing gets healthy compliance better than providing a provable answer! Don't have a real answer and all you can do is threaten.
    Where I live the first thing that was done was a gaming strategy: state sponsored ads on the radio that were emotional pleas in the form of mini plays – example: male character saying – " I got my covid shot so I could visit my grandmother. Here I come grandma, to give you a hug." (It was something like that). This is pure manipulation – not an honest argument with required vetted proof for voluntary compliance. This made me dig for information. No information backed the policies.
    So this Neil Oliver's reaction was to proper.
    Honest people provide a truth in the form of a provable answer, or they seek to manipulate. It is healthy to accept an upfront provable answer, and unhealthy to to accept manipulation.

    That said – I don't recommend this kind of analytical thinking. If you start early you face too many consequences in the "gaming" in life. Best to go along to get along until you are secure enough in the game. Few can withstand penalties for not going along – to get along.

  9. Taking Control trying to Oppress turning Victimize to Isolate you to Discriminate you and then Slaughter you for protecting your well-being and welfare any government that takes emergency power to usurp your right is a tyranny for a government. Time to vote for a new government and constitution for the people by the people.

  10. In my case, at 80 years of age, I believe I had Spiritual inspiration and a warning against the Evil that was being pushed all over the world. Then scientists an doctors who spoke out against the injections were silenced in the media. Then regular protective medications were banned from circulation, compounding chemists forbidden to produce more. Questioning GP’s were struck off medical registries. Us, clean bloods, had then to be bullied and threatened and deprived. Now over. 82,I am still Jab free and only family members who obediently got jabs and boosts caught “Covid” and were ill. Fauci and comrades have a problem so will Bill the Pill and Potion and Nazi Klaus try more poison tactics?

  11. Fabulous exchange of views, thank you both so much. I too felt the bullying so quickly after the rollout — my instincts put my guard up immediately. I was genuinely asking people, 'when did bullying become acceptable'? 'wasn't that just recently a flavour-of-the month virtual signal?' All responses were either confused or bewildered as to my meaning. I was alone.

  12. Thank you both for speaking with such clarity and honesty. All these criminals need to be stopped and put away now! 2.5 years and they are still walking free. We know who they are.. we have the evidence! Mass murder by our so called govt.

  13. My gut was calling "BS" long before the vaxxxxine. I smelled the rotten fish when they started the lock downs. There was no reason for them. Things did not add up from the beginning of this "play". For me, personally, taking this "thing" was never an option. Long before it was offered/introduced I already made up my mind, and what happened after only confirmed that my inner guidance was right.

  14. It’s highly concerning that those in power can manipulate people into taking something that could kill them, and then sit back and watch the public finish the job for them by shaming others into compliance. I fear for the future and where this mindset will take us.

  15. There’s a lot to debate. I’m a nurse in Toronto and I can tell you that 99% of the people who ended up in icu or dead were unvaccinated. There was a legitimate reason to get countries vaccinated.

  16. When two intelligent, educated people from completely different spheres of life come to the same conclusion so early in the so called pandemic it fortifies what I experienced at around the same time, as a retired medic I am so glad I wasn’t working through this period of history and I am so glad you guys have got together as I’ve been watching both of your channels for the past couple of years. There are three things that cannot remain hidden.

  17. The more I hear these days, the more pleased I am the wife and I passed on the jab. My biggest question is, what happens to the blood supply if there are things floating around in the jabbed people systems? Is the whole world wide blood bank compromised now? Even if you did not get the jab can a transfusion from someone who did give you the same problems? If so we need to screen all the unjabbed now and keep them from being infected with the issues those who got the jab may have.

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