Conservatives Were RIGHT, Repeat Offender Charged With 5 Felonies For Exposing Privates At Wi Spa

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  1. If it was a man in the mens washroom dangling his junk in a kids face everyone would agree it's wrong. Same for females in the womens rooms.
    Why should someone get special protections due to their perversion?
    Also, I don't have to participate in your delusions.

  2. Conservatives were mocked when these laws were being written because several commentators said that certain individuals would take advantage of the laws and endanger women and children. They were told they were being bigoted for voicing these fears. Big surprise. Trans people are all different. There are many wonderful human beings, but there are several awful people(just like any race, religion, or orientation) Don't give the evil carte Blanche.

  3. Imagine that, a person whose entire conception of themself and the lens through which they view the entire world revolves specifically on how and with whom they have sex is a disgusting pervert. Im stunned

  4. Dude should not have been allowed in there. Women are saying no to this. Don’t care if the guy is a sex offender or not- men stay out of change rooms, prisons, women’s shelters etc. Enough ! Sex based rights are a real thing based on female biology. If we have it the way trans rights people say, we will have male spaces and co-ed spaces. That won’t fly. Women are going to win!

  5. Even if you made a locker room for the Deviant they wouldnt go there… because they dont get it of when they cant show themselves in the face of normies. Its a game of Domination, and one of the pillars of Lefty dogma.. Domination Domiantion Domination.

  6. their legal argument is basically a confession. "its so unfair, there should be an indecent exposure exemption" = "I want to keep exposing myself in front of women without getting in trouble"

  7. A lot of facts are called a “conservative position”, as if that makes it wrong by definition.

    I watched a stream of a far leftie recently and he was a criticizing a Candace Owens video. When a fact was brought up by her, he wouldn’t refute it or prove it incorrect. He would just say that it was wrong to mention it because it was a fact that white nationalists state. As if that means that it’s invalid.
    Though I’m going Godwin here, it’s still true what I’m about to say; if Hitler said that 2+2=4, that means if you ever say 2+2=4, that’s an invalid equation because Hitler said that it was so.

    2+2=5. Though factually incorrect, it’s more right to say so because no white nationalists say 2+2=5. Schools should start teaching kids that 2+2=5. That way the students will be on the right side of history!!

  8. The difference here, is that men and women are separated for two reasons:

    1- Women have different biological needs from men regarding bathrooms. Women require seated plumbing, whereas men can use a trough.
    2- To protect women again male predators who target them in these areas. Even with the separation, women are frequently targeted in bathrooms and locker rooms.

  9. We separate males and females whenever there is a physical difference involved. This does not mean that we mistreat anyone in public places. Everyone (including moronic leftist fretada) deserve the right to be treated fairly in public. Changing rooms and restrooms are not public places. Now there is a time to make concessions in the name of fairness and mutual betterment but we do not make concessions with evil. Every evil act has someone who believes it's right. We do not set aside allowances for them either. So no you can not be male going into changing rooms with women and little girls or vice versa. There is a logical fallacy to every moronic idea the left tries to push and if you simply follow the logic you will see if it has merit. Most of the logic trails of the left lead to evil/abuse or stupidity, not betterment.

    Everyone has the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness but we do not reinvent the wheel without good reason. Showing your genitals to the opposite sex is not good reason.

  10. And this is why I won't indulge the stupidity of morons who can't figure out what is between their legs. No common sense at all makes them a safety hazard.

  11. The party advocated a range of ideas, including hostility to the Treaty of Versailles, nationalism, concern about the nations moral standards and changing culture, and extreme antisemitism.

  12. For those who just can't believe Hitler was a Socialist because of Nationalism "National Socialism, German Nationalsozialismus, totalitarian movement led by Adolf Hitler as head of the Nazi Party in Germany" Just like Mussolini "Originally a revolutionary socialist, he forged the paramilitary fascist movement in 1919 and became prime minister in 1922." Both these nut jobs were Socialists that re-invented themselves as the same, ONLY FAR WORST! This is happening today, ONLY IT WILL END FAR WORST!

  13. Conservatives will not support gender theory bull! So not protecting rights, no it arresting criminal behavior because your born a man or woman on if both, it's decided at birth! If you wish to change, that's fine your business, but don't force the entire world to cater to you? Be happy you can and most don't care! Just understand the issues the rest of the world has to deal with! The main issue is the children, so we have to put them first or we suck! and sorry if it's not what you want, but that's it! I don't think it will matter. we are about to lose our advantage (The people or masses) because AI will make the few Totalitarians, many! It looks like vaccines will be required in order to live and that's the ultimate control. I you keep taking something that focuses on one thing in stead of several, it will train it out of our genetics in the same way viruses helped us evolve, They are evolving us!

  14. It's not about being Conservative, it's about utilizing common sense and refusing to bow down when a gang of lunatics make asinine proclamations pertaining to who and or what other folks might be, simply because they refuse to entertain delusional conduct which is obviously counter productive and notably harmful. Those who choose to make this about anything else are predatory folks with nefarious intent.

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