CONSPIRACY CORNER #1: Stevie Wonder isn’t blind?

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  1. You could do a completely true conspiracy that people that are not aware may benefit from knowing.
    Earthquakes are totally forcastable.
    Mainstream are having none of it but it would be great if you could actually help expose the truth.
    It could save people's lives.
    Its not that funny, well not as funny as this one anyway.

  2. This is real text from an Atari 2600 print ad..

    "If I could play video games, you bet it would be ATARI!"

    Stevie isn't superstitious by rule…But when it comes to fun, be knows what's what! And when it comes to a game console system, only the Atari 2600 will do "My friends tell me the graphics are the best. I don't know what that means, but I know with the Atari 2600 they must be spight and outta sight

    Only Atari brings the arcade classics home.Only Atari 2600 has bome versions of Stevie's favorites Space Invaders Pac-Man. Missile Command." Asteroids, Breakout, and more the greatest arcade hits of all time. Stevie has them all be likes to hear his friends having fun!

    Simple, straightforward controllers. With some systems controllers, Stevie would be all thumb What we are numbers when you can't see? That's why Atari gives you casy to me joysticks and paddles. Even Stevie can fumble his way through a joystick.

    You don't need two people to play with an ATARI 2600…Or even two eyes. All the best ATARI panes can be enjoyed by a single player. Stevie likes to play alone, even if he has no idea what's happening love the sound of fun!

  3. An old friend of mine his cousin was a bodyguard for the guy that we called Michael Jackson, and he knows Stevie, Stevie is not completely blind he is legally blind.

  4. I met a guy a few years ago and was talking to him. He told me he was legally blind. I told him that I was 25 years old, blonde, tall, well-built, and dropdead gorgeous. He said to me, “I said I was legally blind, not totally blind.“ I told him I figured it was worth a shot. We had a good laugh.

  5. There was an episode of Columbo back in the 70's… where the murderer was a blind piano player (part played bt Roddy McDowell)… Columbo figured out he was faking the blindness!

  6. Sorry Guy, Alex Jones is 100% Bill Hicks. To many common people around both of them. Hick's conspiracy guy voice is the same voice of Alex. You guys are 100% wrong!

  7. One of the Rolling Stones – either Keith Richards or Ronnie Wood – made a similar claim. Whichever one it was, said that he watched Stevie Wonder check into a hotel at the reception in desk and then, by himself, turn and walk over to the elevators and press the button for the elevator to come down for him. I just remembered – it was saxophonist Bobby Keyes who saw Wonder walk unaided to the elevators and he told his life-long friend Richards. I think Bobby's words were along the lines of, "I'm tellin' you, man – the motherfucker can see!" lol

  8. Stevland Hardaway Morris. as for him looking directly into the camera, he could have an ear piece in so someone can direct him where to face. if his blindness is fake, that's one hell of a scam. i'd say and minimum, he's partially blind.

  9. What you are discussing are rumors or fringe science.
    Criteria of a conspiracy
    1. Immediate blame/official script
    2. Destruction of evidence
    3. Who benefitted?

  10. If he can really see I would say the sunglasses would hide his ability to see because you can't tell he's using his eyes. If he's faking it that's pretty cheesy, but whatever.