Construction Sector Collapsing #Recession

#Construction #Recession #HeiseSays
Builders are collapsing as supply issues and insolvent trading continues to take their toll.


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  1. People are just starting to realise that money/capital is bleeding out of the Australian economy. Unless there is a massive reform and rejig of the industrial relations that can see Australia competing with other economies to secure manufacturing type jobs Australia has already seen the highest standard of living it will ever see. I fear that it will take a complete collapse of the economy for people to wake up and then it will be too late.

  2. How’s this guy in the story though: he wasn’t complaining when it was his mob making tonnes of profit off first home buyers and new builds, only to happy then to kick off when the bigger guy up the chain starts taking a bit of profit.

  3. I’ve heard rumours of Metricon buying back contracts for up to $20k to get out of building a house…
    I wound up my company last year which would seem to be good timing!
    Subbie pricing stays the same but materials skyrocket!!

  4. The tip of the iceberg.
    I'm not sure I'm buying it. Seems like, despite the extraordinary amount of government money flowing into the sector, the property sector is lobbying for more.

  5. The government will not allow real estate to have a big downward correction. That would put too much pressure on the banks who are over leveraged with huge derivative exposure. If the big banks go down we all do so expect more stimulus, overseas investment and government intervention to prevent this house of cards from falling. You're welcome.

  6. If Labor wins the election, it will be because of all the free loading people wanting something for nothing, that voted for them, coupled with the clinically insane Green party voters.

  7. I've been a subby for many years. I'm seeing all my builders struggling right now. Its hurting me too, along with the rain the supply problems and rate increases are drying up the pipeline. I'm looking to get on a government contract for a few years.

  8. It’s not super complex, gov stimulated every housing market in the country simultaneously, builders signed up as many contracts as they could and thought it was Christmas, once critical mass was reached, the material suppliers and tradies knew the builders were stuck in fixed price contracts usually required by the lender in order to fund. So builders are selling their other assets to keep afloat and stop immensity bankruptcy. This will end badly, especially in QLD where the government guarantee the started homes will be finished as per specifications.

  9. It's all design to make the big players richer and who gets stuffed the smaller operators and pretty much every on the tools worker

    And to get a bit more from the consumer

  10. thanks for your channel n explanations from a really practical n helpful understandin, its great you have a family history in buildin industry n have done hard yards yourself, certainly an empathetic understandin, bloody useful im sure

  11. No barriers to entry unfortunately has created an oversaturated market with competitors raising pricing by demand. Coupled with high labour prices, supply chain issues, contracts that dont work in this market and you have a tipping point.

  12. There are a number of shops, especially sole business owners & mum & dad type businesses who have united australia party signs around regional victoria. It is going to be interesting if an honest vote count is released & how many votes the UAP actually got.

  13. Many years ago Builders like many sole traders relied on an honour system until Lawyer reworded laws ,Councils followed suite and government getting in on the act … What cost to build a home has now doubled the cost's with all the rules and regulations . Insurances to cover the genetically stupid and the fat cats who parasitically prey on blame … I stayed small and only ever employed two trades ,I built what I could manage solely by myself with out days of waiting for trades to turn up or lack of materials . I eventually built my own factory unit and left the domestic market thus reducing over heads.

  14. I disagree with loosening building regulations and building standards, there are already too many defective buildings due to dodgy and non-compliant work.
    There are already too many defect claims that are paid out by our tax dollars through home warranty insurance claims.

  15. We need to start manufacturing our own goods.
    Get property prices down so we can get labour to produce for less rate.

    If they want to keep on inflating more and more.

    Disaster is waiting to happen

  16. When the tide goes out you find out who wasn’t wearing a swimsuit…. The lion hunt out the weakest in the flock, a recession is exactly that it cleans out the amateur from the pro.

    If you want to stop cowboy who liquidate firms and screw contractors, person getting the work done, you stop those people for 5 years from being able to register another business or be a director or hold a management position. If they own multiple companies they have to step down from those roles and sell those business. Having consequences for liquidating or going bankrupt will stop this behavior.

  17. I've worked construction jobs since I was 16 not sure what else I can do if I have to leave it. Plus I didn't get the old needle so my options are a little more limited

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