Controversial Dr. Peter McCullough Tells Joe Rogan That Lack Of Covid Treatments DELIBERATE

Ryan Grim, Kim Iversen, and Robby Soave discuss whether public health officials should spend more time seeking effective treatments for COVID, not just preventatives.

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  1. I feel sorry for Kim because she had another thought for discussion and these 2 men took it in another direction and discrediting one of the most scholarly physician who have over 600 publications on medical journals.

  2. First of all them putting on people on ventilators. They know once you put someone on the ventilator it's hard for them to get off and they probably will die. Plus their lungs were inflamed and you put more pressure in them. The ventilators were the absolute wrong thing and they use it and they still use it and they buy them from China

  3. That's more b***** where did this become b***** channel? That's actually not how doctors explain how it works. I get that could work too and help if it overall makes you healthier. But isn't that what we're supposed to do? Isn't it obesity which is mean unhealthiness is what you die from?

  4. Wikipedia is just a means of controlling information. Even Dr. Peter McCullough himself is not able to update or refute Wikipedia's page of himself. It's no longer a reliable source and rewriting history.

  5. The blonde CIA asset talking about "we shouldn't say mainstream media got it wrong and only listen to fringe people" bro those "fringe" people have more views and subscribers than the whole "mainstream" media and your show combined, you are the fringe 🤣

  6. Kim you’re the best. Drop those 2 Propaganda phony’s, and go independent, because you’re just to good and honest for this network. Just know I support 100% keep up the good work for the American people. God bless you and your family, I hope all you have the best Christmas

  7. Seems like y'all should have watched the interview and did a little bit of your own research before you put this program together. This doctor is reputable. He has endless credentials. An unlike Fauci i he's actually a doctor treating patients.

  8. A pandemic did not just show up?
    In 2017 Faucie predicted we would have a pandemic
    Under the current Administration.
    So was Faucie psychic?
    If he knew about this 2 years before, why didn't anyone question how he knew?
    Why didn't they start then working on treatment?
    Worms? It's a virus.
    Viruses are paracidic organisms.

  9. You can’t have emergency use authorization if there is a known treatment.. the horse medicine works against sars… so they destroyed it to get the vaccine

  10. I can't listen to these guys. Kim tries to make logical points and these guys just shut her down without legitimate info claiming that her info is illegitimate (hypocritical). Kim needs her own show.

  11. This planned virus was brought forward because President Trump was unstoppable. The wicked people- Clintons, Pelosi, Obama, Gates, Fauci, Biden, etc. – brought this to 2020 because they could. Wake up, everyone.

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