Cool “Afghanistan Withdrawal”, Bro

The US government is reportedly close to securing a deal with Pakistan that will ensure its ability to continue military and intelligence operations in Afghanistan, the nation where the Biden administration proudly “ended” a decades-long war.

Reading by Tim Foley.

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone


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  1. Now it's obvious the occupation of Afghanistan CAN'T be ended as long as the military industrial complex rule the US. The 'withdrawal' was just a process of evolution the occupation entering a furtive stage. They don't intend on ending The never ending wars. Now Afghanistan is under a Furtive US occupation.

  2. Over The Horizon Operations. The first OTH operation was them bombing all those kids when they were evacuating. What a fitting way to kick it off.

  3. If America truly wanted to destroy terrorists then it would bomb itself Israel the UK Saudi Arabia and all other terrorist supporting western countries!!! I wish people would call the war on terror by its true title the war of terror!!!!

  4. The Democrats are the undisputed discreetly-hypocritical American political party.

    While the Republicans field grotesque troglodytes like Trump, who are more or less open about their repulsive intentions, the Democrats always pretend they're about something else.
    No recent POTUS was more devious and two-faced (i.e., more quintessentially a Democrat) than Obama. Biden must be making him proud, he's a chip off the old block.

  5. Self-relating Corporatist wealth class-driven wars for profit will go on and on as long as We, The People continue to allow it. It is on US, people! DO NOT ALLOW IT! Fight it! Resist it! Deny it! Give it no quarter!!! Corporatism is an insidious planetary disease. A cancer that diminishes us all. Resist the Corporatists within OUR governments! Reclaim for People & Planet! This is our planet. Our world!

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