Cops Detain Dad Trying To Stop Mass Shooter As They Wait 40min Outside


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  1. Not one of those police should ever have a job again that is supposed to protect and serve. Look like a group of cowards that allowed another coward to go on a murdering rampage. But they had enough balls to restrain a father willing to go face a coward murdering children. Makes absolutely zero fucking since. Those men and women in that area need to demand those police be fired or put to mopping floors all they are good for

  2. Omg salty nearly two hours this psycho ran wild ,they sacrificed the lives of these kids for more gun laws .you watch how many of these cops commit suicide .I'd bet 1000 bucks 3/4 or more cops gonna pop one in their brain pan .they should have had swat in there tear gasing the place this is insane

  3. There is something deeply wrong here if this had been my small community you'd have had city county n state police running into that building they ware body armor bullet proof vests those babies had nothing .this needs investigating right now .things like this make me want to home school my children more every day .teachers should be licensed to conceal carry a firearm,well trained in e.ergemcy protocol,like the two men who stopped that shooter in that church so wrong just so wrong

  4. Nothing adds up salty. The FB post, the truck wreck and the gunfight that followed. He's on the run and just happens to find the one door blocked open. It's a setup

  5. 🚨The teacher was in on it the kid wrecking the truck was her que to prop the door open the chief of police was in on it needed as many casualties as possible FBI agents supplied the money for the guns and set the whole thing up🚨 the teacher is the cousin of one of the 911 sleeper cells 🚨

  6. I want you to think ABOUT SOMETHING, I do not think the CHILDREN were shot and KILLED. I think the CHILDREN WERE drugged to make it seem like they were killed to push the SATANIC FAKE NARRATIVE. I am not sure if they paid the PARENTS to be PART of it. Or if the PARENTS think their kids are ACTUALLY DEAD and in REALITY the CHILDREN were taken and put in the HUMAN TRAFFICKING RING or are going to be used as SATANIC SACRIFICES for these SATANIC NAZI WANNABE POWER HAPPY CONTROL FREAK HUMAN GIVEN government JOB TITLED TERRORIST TYRANT CRIMINALS. But Until I personally see the BODIES and can VERIFY they WERE ACTUALLY SHOT, I DO NOT BELIEVE the CHILDREN ARE DEAD, at least not YET.

  7. Once an active shooter starts, it's game on until they are killed or in custody. It does not transition backwards to a barricaded subject just because the active shooter paused. It's already past that point. The first couple guys go in, go alone if there's no one else. But you must go even if it's a suicide run. You have to. There were enough of them, multiple points of attack, whatever. Use any and all resources at your disposal regardless if they are optimal or not. But standing down and waiting is the absolute opposite of what any cop is trained to do. This is not false flag, its incompetence at best and cowardice at worst. In any case, these guys failed in the worst possible way, at the worse possible time. I am sick at what they allowed to happen through their inaction and I am ashamed for the profession as well. I'm a recently retired 30+ year cop from CA.

  8. I'd like to see them stop my husband from getting in there. If you don't have the balls to save our kids, step aside and let the real men handle it.

  9. Absolutely false flag. A fricken teacher has a door jacked open, cops sitting outside not doing a damn thing…anyone who thinks this is not a false flag needs their brains examined.

  10. Back the blue!! Oh you mean it's not cool to back the blue anymore? You could of took my advice from the start but you thick people have to find out the hard way.

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