Cops KNEW Crimo Was A “Danger”! Passed Background-Check Anyway!

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  1. We remember the cowardly acts of the stranger who was allowed to enter a faith community meeting and thereafter surprised the participants with violence.

    Curious Americans therefore would like to know…

    Was this particular weasel already known to anyone in the faith community area?

    Fir example, had he been previously turned away by maybe a rabbi when he tried to enter their facilities uninvited?

  2. If you can't manage your own family, what makes you think you can manage an entire city? This is like the Gabby Petito/Brian Laundrie fiasco in which the parents knew they were in no condition to be dating let alone going on a cross country trip alone. Guns don't kill, dumb parents kill.

  3. The likelihood that someone with psychopathy would pass that down to their children is very high. They create an in home dichotomy between a golden child and black sheep. That's why I said " if you want to save the planet, end psychopathy. Also known as antisocial personality disorder.

  4. Wonder if his dad will soon be receiving a big deposit in his bank account from an alphabet organization and he gets the rid of the problem child of his own making – win win for dad. Imo so messed up

  5. Imagine, instead of aborting your kid 22 years ago, you took a bribe of a political career & some money to raise him as a future mass killer.
    If they’ll abort a kid, they’ll definitely use one as a weapon.
    Put nothing past what they’re capable of in the long term.

  6. This psychotic kid does this horrible act and the family covers it up . I almost appreciate this video except you pick and choose just as much as all the left does . Start talking about the democratic stronghold and the crime with all the legally bought firearm ……. oh wait , legal firearms ? Crime rate ? Murders, rapes in democratic stronghds ?! We live in a barbaric society with modernization …… speak the f*cking total truth !

  7. The waffle house shooters dad was charged and convicted under same circumstances. Let's see if this kids dad is charged as well. Being from Illinois I find this interesting.

  8. This is as bad as judges giving short sentences or none at all. Freddy Gray had been arrested 24 times at my last count. If he had been in prison he would still be alive. Same for george floyd another criminal that should have been in prison

  9. He was yet another Manchurian wind-up toy. He was allowed to do what he did because he was "protected" — protected by the high-level, power-drunk politicians who want to exploit manufactured tragedies like this for the purpose of disarming Americans the way Australians were disarmed years ago.

  10. Predictive programming…. Films about towns where everyone is in on something and newcomers have no idea how bad it is. Uvalde. Parkland. Handy Sook.

  11. The mentally ill are, far more often than not, the victims of violent crime(s). You're helping to perpetuate a toxic stigma. Not everyone with mental health issues is a threat, or should be denied the means to protect themself.

  12. There already is a "system" in place to stop a kid like this from getting access to guns… HOWEVER… no charges were ever pressed against him by his family and his father helped keep him out of mental institution so the "system" was never accessible. There is/was no way to prevent this from happening without implementing unconstitutional laws. 2nd ammendment results in pros & cons.

  13. Crimo and increasingly more upper middle class and upper class families are rotting to dead. Look it up, America (team competition) is imploding. The rich cover things up to save face. The dad is mental too. This is Americas political class. The gun issue is a symptom of a bigger problem.

  14. That face without face tattoos did not need a gun period. A person with half a brain could look at that face and say it don't get a gun and keep it away from the children.

  15. MK ultra psyops my babies, dumb on though. I’m sure that some kid sniped a bunch of people and fled no problem like he’s the joker. I’m positive this all checks out as legitimate, I’m sure none of these “shootings” aren’t getting more and more convenient for the dumb dumbs. Bitter truth. Bam!

  16. By the way Jimmy, the knives and swords were returned to the family, because the father said they were his….this father and mother should be indicted

  17. Godsend. Karma delivered. Millions are rejoicing from the Far East to ASEAN , as another proponent for war in the Far East has been extinguished.
    Japan owes a blood debt to those people in that region till today. Support from Singapore!

  18. Again guns don't kill people people kill people by several methods knives poisoning shotguns handguns cars clubs. It's that simple don't complicate the issue. And in French our second amendment rights given to us by the Constitution. Wake up America and recognize that this country is in trouble vote Republican vote for Donald Trump in 2024.

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