Corbynites ATTACK Starmer As He Sacks Long-Bailey

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Labour SPLIT As Starmer Sacks Long-Bailey

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. Yup, the left will always eat itself trying to out-woke each other. Pathetic.

    And since when Keir Starmer was DPP he covered up the Rotherham grooming gangs, I have exactly zero sympathy for him

  2. I know theres been more "popular" thing on the news such as the virus, the terror attack and Glasgow attack liverpool title win to name a few, but this whole story has been hidden by the lame stream

  3. Parler isn't biased to the right it is just people more to the right are the ones being silenced on other platforms, views from the left would be welcome and not restricted, that is the point of Parler.

  4. To be honest the only way Labour can save itself and save the country from years of anarchy is by staging a coup against its radical left elements.

    That's the only thing that can redeem Labour in the eyes of the public. And even then, I'm not sure if it will. They are so distrusted and have failed so badly.

  5. These idiots don't get it. It's a failed system. If it worked why don't more countries have it? Look at Russia, China, North Korea. Killed all their own personal

  6. Karl Marx around the Christmas tree. WTF are you talking about? You sound more and more like the brainless Right Wing idiot you are. Grow up….

  7. The labour party is a sunken ship the only thing you can see is the debree flowing in the waves.
    We need a new serious party headed by Nigel Farage, he loves the country and is not a Marxist Communist, a good and credible counter balance to the Boris Gov and especially the SNP who has a policy to divide the country.

  8. All these far left groups should be targeted the leaders identified and locked up, It's getting out of hand the trouble these people are causing they are involved in any protest that can be used to cause has much trouble has possible the BBC is involved with them because every time they side with them, Any person that disagree with anything is labelled far right supporter this Government needs to get to the core of far left movements and lock the idiots up.

  9. Parler reflects the views of those that post. Left wingers are on there and do post.
    It's not about left or right it's about Free Speech.
    Lets face it, Twitter, Facebook, Big Tech have their knee on the neck of Free Speech – Parler is a chance to safeguard that Free Speech.

  10. Keir Starmer PM in waiting showing a strong leadership approach. Boris better stop fecking everything up and get a grip else Keir will walk in. Clever man, labour moderate with a vision. Country is a total mess under the conservatives and Boris me thinks times could be a changing.

  11. This is bad. Labour has a strong leader, and he's making the right enemies. Its this kind of thing that could bring back the voters they lost last time.

  12. An attack , verbally that is , on the state of Israel , is not an attack on Jewish people . This is a ridiculous situation. What if the Israeli police are training some US police forces in these tactics ? Surely we all give our mates a nudge when they are doing something stupid or nasty . Isn’t that what friends are for.? There IS evidence that the Israeli ( not Jewish ) police have been training the US police in secret in certain tactics . Anyone want to ask the Palestinians how they feel . Oh no , we can’t because that would be anti Semitic .

  13. Oh dear , i can imagine the antisemitic slurs. It cant be tolerated in this day and age . Also the Labour party must stamp this out if it is to survive at all. I should say it's one thing he has done right. I voted Labour for 50 years , no longer. The party is unrecognisable. The old Labour party would turn in their graves . K

  14. Corbynite is to humans what red kryptonite is to superman. It weakens them and drives them into insanity. These people should be locked away in an insane asylum for life, if not to protect themselves then to protect society from them. Which will collapse first, communist China or the EUSSR?

  15. Long-Bailey's sacking for retweeting a article from a National Newspaper, or from anywhere for that matter, is just absurd.
    But I have no sympathy, I agree with Jonathan Pie:WOKE UTOPIA, on this, No Platform, cancel culture, doxing, destroying lives, getting people sacked, is the invention of the left, and the left wing twitterary.
    The marxists have absolutely loved this, but just as sure as placating terrorists means you end up looking down the barrel of a gun, so agreeing with suppression of speech you don't like, ends up with the same censorship coming back at you.
    Hoist and Petard come to mind.

  16. North and South of England are dramatically different, within white culture. Different foods, different meal times, manners EG up North it is regarded as exceptionally rude to not speak when spoken to, to correct other peoples grammar, in fact to smart mouth in any way. If you feel that someone is wrong, correct as politely as possible. Southerners often come here with attitude, to tell us how to think, but find themselves overwhelmed by the rejection. We are generally kind and polite, but must make exceptions. I love Leeds and York, York is the capital of Yorkshire, the South have attempted to destroy York on several occasions over the decades, but I think that foreign Johnson will succeed (he's really let us down) I have no desire to come to London, it has nothing to do with me, I'm a Yorkshire lass, also these days it's now extremely dangerous for white people. I have to say though of late the North and South have come together over immigration and the legalised rape of white children. Johnson is a liar, he is after all a foreigner who would appear to be part of the agenda to destroy our country and her white race. No I am not Far Right, I'm a Vigilant Citizen.

  17. Defund the BBC scum and Rebecca Long Bailey deserved the sacking it's alright for the far left to say anything they want and not anyone else because if we do and they don't agree we are bigits, racists, and homophobics, and the far right they are a bunch of hypocritical idiots labour need stopping fast they don't care about working class at all

  18. The reason why there is more "high income" are Voting for Labour more than Torys in 2019 election, Is because the Leftwing University educated People are in the high end paid jobs now and made sure they got into the key important jobs, So they can paid themselves good wages (mostly from tax payers money) and have big bonuses
    with above inflation pay rises.