Coronavirus “Most Likely Escaped From Lab” – Former CDC Director

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  1. The worse thing that the fake news media ALWAYS blame China or Russia or Iran like the oil always their fault…the always a victim..the savior…while it destroys everything in their path.

  2. This was to punish the population while forcing the elites Orwellian agenda through at light speed. Just look at who gained the most when this virus broke out. The same people making the most noise to cover everything up gained the most prestige, power,and most importantly money.

  3. Also documented they were doing the same gain of function research in the Ft. Dietrich, MD, USA lab, where the security protocol was violated in July 2019 and they called it vape lung. Check out the security violation July 2019 and what happened to vape lung? It turned into Covid19.

  4. Ive received HUNDREDS of likes on my comments FOR four year's but I was called out on a certain utube channel ONLY by initials but WORD for WORD. I wrote AWHORICAN sociopath subsidies PAYED for Chinese TRAITOR SABATOUR GOVERNMENT and the SATANIC foreign owned U.S. GOVERNMENT lab's in CHINA so www666antichrristville Drumph not trump was vaccinated before meeting with all www666antichrristville U.S. government TRAITOR dictators all over planet EARTH and said were GOING to get rid of PROTESTERS, the problem is what Www666antichrristvilleUSA DRUMPH not trump, ,kept SAYING when I awoke from all NIGHT HEAVY METAL /fake JESUS METAL fest and had my CAFFEINE and turned on UTUBERS like Jimbo but mostly BABBLE SATANIC ANTICHRIST UNHOLY ROMAN BIBLE empire government B.S.

  5. Something that was obvious to qualified independent observers from the beginning. The issue from the beginning has been whether Greco”escape” was accidental or intentional.

  6. One of Irelands most prominent scientists on viruses, Dr Dolores Cahill, has been removed from teaching in UCD College and been asked to resign from the EU scientific commitee for saying it was man-made and for claiming that people who recover are immune for life.
    Guess that doesn't suit big pharma who want to give boosters every year and make billions.

  7. Depopulation virus. China need to elimate their elder, non-productive population drain…and the US must have saved $trillions in Social Security obligations….deep state shit. Not a theory…

  8. I thought that eating bats ? was a bit far fetched, American sponsored bio weapon mishap escaping seemed much more likely bit I am ? so obviously believe the narrative programming ?

  9. It's a biological weapon that originated in Fort Detrek, ME. When the lab lost control of the virus the army biological weapons research base was shutdown. It was then sent to China for further research.
    The question that needs to be asked; why is our government making biological weapons in the first place?

  10. Laowhy86 covered this back in like Feb 2020 They even erased all information on their head bat virologist at the Wuhan research lab.