Coronavirus Mutation Forces Entire Danish Mink Herd to be Destroyed

If the mutant gets loose, it would nullify all vaccine research:


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  1. I wish we could trade out those poor mink for humans and let the virus take them out !!! I hate people , ugh ….it’s just getting worse w/society !!! Animals are WAY BETTER THAN PEOPLE !!!!! China is just as bad !!! Those backward ass , bat eating people are disgusting!!! I can’t imagine traveling to China , too many people !!!!

  2. There is nothing barbaric about a properly run mink farm! IF the animals are given decent quality of life while they are alive, and are killed humanely, what's the problem? In nature they are going to live and die also, only the death will almost certainly be nasty even for a mink. Mink are also prey to other species. The problem lies in people not respecting the produce animals while they are alive. People don't give it all enough thought in my opinion. Life and death in the natural world are rarely happy, peaceful, stress free, painless, and OFTEN horrible!
    Now people being MURDERED in oil rich countries to benefit the petro dollar and profits IS TRULY BARBARIC! Deep South Pot Laws are BARBARIC! The CIA dealing HEROIN to fund their illegal, immoral activities is BARBARIC! 911 was BARBARIC and the fact no one responsible was ever held responsible is BARBARIC!

  3. Wow, you really hit the nail on the head with your opinion of mink farms. I have bought jars of mink oil before and thought twice about purchasing any more after investigating it. And who's to know whether this was not just an excuse to cull a population of little critters it was just a little too expensive to feed for long. The fur industry won't die out, though. Of this I am sure… Humans just may be next on the list to go…

  4. Styx, I live in Denmark. Our government is currently trying to legislate an epidemic law that gives 45 people – 9 people from each region in Denmark the ability to force test, quarantine, and VACCINATE anyone they suspect is infected. The law further allows private "mercenary" companies, like G4S to enforce these draconian measures on the people. Along with the police and military of course. Their plan is to force vaccinate the entire population. It was NEVER about a virus. Our current government is in the pocket of The World Economic Forum, UN, etc. and they are enforcing their agendas.

  5. My only hope is that if this strain does start the whole pandemic over again, it's that we get to blame Joe Biden's administrator for any and all deaths that occur.

  6. I had a clogging in the bile ducts in my liver and i take the bile of a bear so i dont get blocked up again. Cuz bear bile doesnt clog the liver even during hibernation.

  7. B.S. like the British Hoof and Mouth debacle, used to disenfranchise farmers and strip them from the land and impose draconian measures.
    There used to be mink farms around Rutland. Ermine were a common sight in Vt. In the 70s and eighties. I’m sure things have changed.

  8. I agree about the fur trade but before you get mushy over wild mink you should do a little study of them. They are rabid killers often entering a blood lust where they kill everything they can well beyond what they intend to eat.

  9. Actually the crowding of soldiers in troop trains is said to have been the initial means of spreading the Spanish flu. Btw, Fauci wrote a paper in 2009 in which he says the spread of the Spanish flu was probably made worse by the WEARING OF MASKS.

  10. I am suprised fur trade still exists in this day and age…in tribal times, people did it out of necessity to kerp warm…people ate animals, made things out of skins and furs..they used every part…people traded things to get a fur or a bag made of animal hide

  11. … ok, the basic problem, as I see it, if it mutated that quickly, there's nothing stopping it from mutating again. And again, and again, and again, and … kind of like how the FLU AND COLD VIRII ALREADY DO?!?

    Ok … this ends with this bug either going the way of its thirty million closest siblings, switching itself essentially "off" and blending into the horde of infectious respiratory virii that 99.9% deal with every damned year with heavy doses of vitamin "C" and the occasional hot toddy, or it finally actually DOES turn into something people NOT addicted to fear porn feel some need to be concerned over. If option "B", We Are Fucked.

    Not because of any enhanced lethality, although any development along those lines would be tragic … rather because the unelected authoritarian "intelligentsia" will immediately cry "We Told You This Would Happen! Submit, Peons!" and honestly be able to point to real data for a change.

  12. Get off your high horse re animal fur. It provides jobs and yes there is a massive difference between boiling an animal alive and bolting it in the head. Although the last I looked into slaughter techniques they gas them with something that keeps the heart beating like mad and slit the throat but that may be only for larger scale operations and bolt guns are still the standard for smaller operations. I notice how you went on massive, and justifyied, tirade on Eastern standards of animal treatment. Yeah fuck those guys but that is not the Dutch standard now is it.
    You sounded a tad SJWery there Styx:P And this is indeed big news. It's almost as if fuckers like Bill Gates, who has over ten billion USD invested in the vaccine industry, knew full well once a corona vaccine concept was passed off on the masses it would be a never ending cycle of fear until a blip of percieved safety is afforded to the masses by their masters on high via their clergy of scientists with the latest effective vaccine. (Some side affects may occur and cytokite storm is totally not one of them,…)