Coronavirus Spiking from Protests, Misinformation w/Joe Schilling | Joe Rogan

Taken from JRE #1497 w/Joe Schilling:

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  1. Is v COVID new? Wuhan or a planes above ? Do we only know now because All other take downs of President Trump failed .So economy and things needed to take a dive .Thus we know about it but are told about its arrival in lies..Spot spray for needed numbers

  2. Contrary to Joe Rogan's misleading headline propaganda, there's been NO Coronavirus spike from recent protests:

    Joe Rogan: "The spikes happened RIGHT AFTER the protests." Which only proves that those spikes were NOT due to the protests, since it takes a WEEK or more for Coronavirus victims to come down with symptoms. Guess what date did in fact precede those spikes? MEMORIAL DAY

  3. joe… you should watch the "UV light" full briefing… and hear the scientific presentation… and research UV light therapy!!! Plus… nearly 99% of people have mild condition symptoms (not considering the false positives, double counts and more shitty testing)…

  4. The reality is somewhere in between. You shouldn’t be crazy paranoid but you also shouldn’t pretend like covid doesn’t exist like this guest seems to do. Interesting how when Joe started talking facts the guest tries to deflect the conversation entirely, people don’t like hearing what they don’t like to hear, it’s normal.

  5. 99.7% chance of surviving this virus but we’ve treated it like the plague. Destroying our country which was thriving 6 months ago… wouldn’t surprise me if this was just to put us on the fast track to socialism. We know the rioters are marxists. The rioters on team democrat.

  6. Austin is super liberal because thats the city that 90% of people move to when coming from California. They all go to Austin. That’s been happening for 40 years now. Austin used to be a Republican city. Everyone always brings up Austin when they say Texas isn’t all that Republican but that’s because of 40 years of California imports.

  7. Joe. Trump 100% said that uv lights kills it. Look it up. Same press conference when the press said he said inject bleach. Do your research

  8. In this clip:
    A Billionaire wannabe fighter that was too scared of TBI's hears the very intellectual opinion of a professional TBI.
    Rogan has always held out for a Spotify-like deal so he could go full InfoWars like his crisis-acting, wife-abusing Best bro Alex Jones.

  9. BS, spikes were happening after reopening from shutdowns!
    The protests didn't help! Trump's rallies didn't help!
    BTW, the heat in Florida,,,,,where's the hot spot on the country,,,Florida!
    And neither did the July 4th holiday parties and picnics!

  10. We should just reopen everything, redirect all the funds that were going to corona related stuff and unemployment towards hospitals, and then just cut our losses