Coronavirus: The Battle For Truth Rages On

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Another day, another fight over hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)…

On the data side, more and more evidence mounts that not only does HCQ make a positive difference in lessening the impact of covid-19 (when delivered early along with zinc and an antibiotic like azithromycin), but it also appears to work effectively when taken in advance of infection as a preventative measure.

On the headline side, it’s “dangerous”, it will “KILL you”, it has concerning side effects, and it’s akin to taking “camel urine” (seriously…that’s a recent headline)

The Keystone Kops-esque WHO just recently came out with a warning, despite having the previously-published stance for years: “Despite hundreds of millions of doses administered in the treatment of malaria, there have been no reports of sudden unexplained death”

And so the battle for truth on the airwaves and internets rages on. Which is extremely sad, as there remain important developments we need accurate actionable information on. 

For example, China’s researchers are reporting that covid-19 is mutating fast there, with different strains producing differing pathologies. How can we expect to mount effective responses against new developments like these when there’s such disagreement on basic facts these days?

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  1. U also have to.take the zpac…and aince ccp.virus attacks the heart and causes the.supposed deaths they claim…how do they know..their 3 day remediver crap…and ITS.CRAP… has auch a low.effect they 3 percent os ansubjective GUESS..A.GUESS…AND IF U LOOK AT THE DATA….THERE IS ZERO.EFFECT…AND LOOK WHO OWNS IT

  2. Doctors say the drug is Hard on the heart. Maybe for some people it’s safe to take but for others it’s dangerous. Doesn’t it depend on our individual health condition? Isn’t that why many doctors say it’s not safe to take ? Personally I’m wondering why no one has mentioned the act trump is financially investment in the drug. Gee is he trying to make money off you? No not him… he would never do such a thing.

  3. 27:42 Sorry, but you don't sound particularly agnostic. It sounds like you're starting with "it came from a lab" and are waiting to rule out other sources. Let's say it did come from a natural source, but epidemiologists and virologists flounder in tracing the source. Are you going to put down your pen and paper and announce that it came from a lab? Because that's not science. That's confirmation bias.

  4. What's the best way to demonize an inexpensive medication which has been used safely and effectively for years? Lay a Trump card on it…. There is a psychological operation going on here y'all. The rich just got EVEN RICHER while the poor lost their jobs. There are conflicts of interest across the board.

  5. So I spent the last 2 days going over the recent Lancet retrospective released on May 22nd.

    So on page 6 we see the dosages they were throwing….way over the top. (597-797mg, vs. normal dose of 100mg x 2 daiy for Lupus)
    See page 8 for the clear co-morbidities that constitute Contra-Indications to administering that drug at all.

    So you have super sick, super fragile patients.
    You throw a contra indicated drug at them.
    You overdose them by a wide margin.
    They crash and burn.
    It's the drugs fault.

    Yea, ok……

  6. ~ 5:55 So the cop had typhoid, which has a much higher death rate than Covid-19 is even claimed to have, but he survived the typhoid and died of Covid? Sure. Editing to add, just in case it isn't clear that my sarcasm is directed toward the propagandists, not you. Thanks for reporting facts.

  7. Dr Judy talks how minks are full of coronas…. interesting. She also says the last year flu vaccine was made from dog kidney cells

  8. The lancet ( prestigious science magazine)….published an article on hydroxychloroquine…saying it was potentially dangerous…they recently withdrew it !….due to dodgy information and pressure from legit medics and scientists

  9. Major miss direction by the media etc about hydroxychloroquine . It is the antibiotic Azithromycin that was recommended to combine with Hydroxychloroquine that causes the dangerous heart complications .Please look it up ! Switch that out for a more benign antibiotic and there would be no issue . Even though I expect the obfuscation by the corrupt medical industrial complex and souls mainstream media it always comes as a shock when I see their blatant lies .

  10. It is my observation that people act ONLY AFTER they have arrived at a decision that there is a benefit of some kind for having acted on said thought.
    Therefore Romans asked Qui bono? Who benefits? Thus, in zo far aa Hydroxychloroquine is concerned, Qui bono ? Or why attempt to ban a proven method of preventing or curing a
    Disease? Someone is benefitting that is one of the major players.
    China is a major player in this. What would be their benefit?
    BTW, avoidance of negative results is a benefit.

  11. Well Those are the same kind of animals used in lab tests for gain of function for years … Wonder Why They scientists used domesticated Animals to do The Cross species testing, huh!?