Coronavirus: What if we did NOTHING?

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Written by Thunderf00t


  1. I just want to say America is giving out more than just 1000$ they are also giving out 2400 extra with unemployment many people actually ended up making more money from unemployment than their actual job. Not saying it's perfect but America did give allot more than just a 1 time payment of a grand.

  2. This hasn't aged well has it?

    2%, HA!

    Actually believing Chinese and WHO numbers, Thunderfoot your critical thinking has reached a lowpoint probably misled by your fear.

  3. there are still people out there saying things like "oh this virus has only killed 400k, look at all these other forms of deaths that kill exponentially more, did we really have to stop the country" WTF how dumb are people?

  4. Have you considered updating your video based on the results of whats happened in Sweden? You also mention around the 18 minute mark about using Antibiotics, except antibiotics aren't used on viruses…. 😛

  5. I remember when I commented on this 3 months ago, I was mocked and ridiculed for calling this the "Corona Hoax". Well, I'm here to return the favor. It looks like us "science-deniers" were a lot closer to the mark than you "scientists". I wonder why that was? As soon as this became political, you should have grown skeptical of the data. This is the same "modeling" we're supposed to believe in regards to global warmin- cough "climate change". Your models are bullshit, your predictions are bullshit, because your data is bullshit.

  6. This video didn't age well, did it 'Mr Debunker?' Your numbers were all wrong – MASSIVELY wrong. To think people actually take you seriously.
    Lick the hand that feeds you.
    Now you're pushing the pro-mask mandates.

  7. First off China is lying about the cases and death toll. Look at South Korea , there is only about 300 deaths in the entire country.

  8. This is what can happen when an expert in one field, with above average intelligence, but not shockingly so, experiences an irrational degree of confidence in his conclusions regarding another field, primarily due to failure to account for all high-coefficient variables to which the conclusion is causally linked, errors from imprecise (and here, inaccurate) measurements, and his tacitly assigning a far greater reliability to observational data which would only be appropriately assigned to scientific conclusions (i.e. conclusions that are the product of properly designed experiments). This is certainly not his best work, and, unfortunately, it is related to an issue that would benefit from a more accurate public understanding.