Corp Media Silent On Armenia Getting Bombed

Graham talks about the bombing of Armenia by Azerbaijan.

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Written by Graham Elwood

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  1. UN Resolutions 822, 853, 874, 884 clearly state Garabagh is Azerbaijan and not some pirate state that is not recognized a single nation in the entire world, including Armenia itself.

  2. Very biased and very unprepared for video. You need to spend some time and figure out what is going on, not this shallow LA armenians propaganda. Azerbaijan is not shelling armenia, Azerbaijan is conducting a liberation operation on it's own land and has no claims to Armenia proper. Do your research, before peddling that what can be debunked in 2 seconds, please. Meanwhile Armenia has been shooting rockets at Azeri cities outside of the conflict zones. Graham, I know for a fact you can do a better and less lazy and propagandist coverage of this. Do your job!

  3. No justice, no peace. No justice for 1 million Azeri refugees and those ethnically cleansed in Garabag, whose land was occupied, no peace. Armenians have the option to de-occupy the land they stole and go to Armenia and live in peace, they had this option for the past 27 years. Who started the war in the Caucasus? Who occupied land? Who refugeed citizens. 1 million Azeris were refugees, and territories occupied with 150k armenians. Do your research, Graham!

  4. I expect a little bit more than lazy LA FAKE NEWS from Graham. That is a reasonable expectation on my behalf. Graham, if you need to interview an Azeri who can explain you and your viewers our perspective and the truth that you can subsequently google 2 minutes after hearing it, I am at your service. Because LA Armenians are loud, but our perspective is being drowned in this dis-information. have you had an Azeri ever tell you their perspective or are you just peddling what armenians say?

  5. "The Khojaly massacre, also known as the Khojaly tragedy, was the mass murder of at least 161 ethnic Azerbaijani civilians from the town of Khojaly on 26 February 1992. According to the Azerbaijani side, as well as the Memorial Human Rights Center, Human Rights Watch and other international observers, the massacre was committed by the ethnic Armenian armed forces, as well as some military personnel of the 366th CIS regiment who were not acting on orders from their command. The death toll claimed by Azerbaijani authorities is 613 civilians, including 106 women and 63 children. The event became the largest massacre in the course of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict."

  6. You do not talk about the reason behind this conflict. Nagorny Karabakh is internationally recognized territory of Azerbaijan. None of UN countries have recognized Nagorniy Karabakh as independent autonmus republic. Only 7 US states recognized it. It is not disputed region. It is occupied Azerbaijani territory. This is a big difference. When Soviet Union collapsed, armenians of Nagorny Karabakh deceide to separate from Azerbaijan while they were living on this azerbaijani territory together with azerbaijanians. There were clashesh between azerbaijanis and armenians. With the help of Soviet troops they managed to do ethnical cleansing and occupy 6 more Azerbaijani regions, total with Nagorny Karabakh – 7. From time to time there where shootings, attacks going on. There were 4 UN resolutions to ceasefire and start immideate withdrawal from occupide territories of Azerbaijan. Each resolutions says immediate withdrawal of all occupying forces from the Kelbadjar district and other recently occupied areas of Azerbaijan; the immediate complete and unconditional withdrawal of the occupying forces involved from the district of Agdam and all other recently occupied areas of the Azerbaijan Republic; the unilateral withdrawal of occupying forces from the Zangelan district and the city of Goradiz, and the withdrawal of occupying forces from other recently occupied areas of the Azerbaijani Republic; the Secretary-General and relevant international agencies to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to the affected civilian population and to assist refugees and displaced persons to return to their homes in security and dignity;

    1 million Azeraijani refuges from Nagorny Karabakh and surrounding regions were displaced since 1990. Azerbaijan was trying to negtiate for 27 years via CSCE Minsk Group (3 co-chaimen representatives Puting (Russia), Macron (France), Trump (USA) with Armenia. Now tell me which country will negotiate with occupant for 27 years? Their government used everyting to change the conditions of negotiations, and everytime broke all negotiations. They were not interested in withdrawal. Azerbaijan needed it because of its 1 million displaced citizens. Minsk group did not do nothing to resolve this issue or make these resolutions work, and force Armenia to leave azerbaijani land. Everything remained on paper. Nobody was talking loud about Nagorny Karabakh and 1 million Azerbaijani refuges. Armenia was increasing population of Nagorny Karabakh by settling armenians and not armenians from Livan, Syria in Nagorny Karabakh to prepare them to war and was buying weapons from Russia. Armenia is Russia's fortpost in Transcaucasus. Azerbaijan was warning about it all large institutions including Minsk Group and also was preparing itself. Azerbaijan understood that Armenia will not withdaraw from occupied territories and should rely on itself only. Armenia was not interested in negotiatins, it just wanted to extend time to continue to live there another 30 years. All there years Azerbaijan government was helling that Azerbaijan will return it 7 regions forcefully if Armenians do not want to return them to Azerbaijan peacefully. After last provocation, Azerbaijan counter attacked armenian forces and started to libirate its land occupied for 30 years. Azerbaijan's fight is justified. It libirates its territory, This was is going on Azerbaijani territory. Azerbaijan does not accupies other country. No one country can now be involved in this process. Armenia was warned via 4 resolutions, had 27 year to leave. Even now it is not late. Azerbaijani president said we will ceasefire if Armenian government will give a timetable of withdrawal from 7 occupied Azerbaijani territories. Azerbaijani army is strong to liberate its land, does not need Turkey or any other country in this. Turkey morally supports Azerbaijan, while other countries support Armenia. The only justification armenians give that Karabakh is "controlled" by armenians or high percentage of armenians live there and that is why it shuld be separated. When you do ethnical cleansing, you will be in majority. However, when 1 million azerbaijani refuges return to their homes, armenians will not be a majority there. Last thing I want to add armenians say "We live on old ancient land Great Armenia that is why we have right to this land". This Great Armenia existed about 2000 years ago. They deam to restore Great Armenia by occupying neihbor coutry. Armenians live in present time with their past "dream" and this was their real reasong first for separation, then to union with Armenia to increase its territory. If listen to them, then Italy should start occupying neighbor countries because once there was a great Roman Empire. They do not understant that within last 2000 years the shapes of all countries' maps canged 1000 times. They still have choice to leave, but they prefer to die for their "dream". Therefore, it it not rigt for you to say now, that coutries like USA or Russian or other do not do anything about this conflict going on last 10 days. Within 27 years since 1st UN resolution, there were a lot of meeting, negotiations. This conflict did not hapen over the nigt. Azerbaijan defends its land and will free it from occupants. This is not the beginning of this conflict, this is the end of long conflict going on for almost 3 decades. Now after you learned all this, ask Armenians one question: What are you doing on foreight 7 territories of Azerbaijan? Thank you.

  7. Stop saying our taxes pay for this! Please! You know better. If you still don’t understand read Dr Stephanie Kelton book The Deficit Myth. The oligarchy wants us to believe this lie….stop using this lie… it started with Reagan and Thatcher and it’s a LIE!

  8. You can’t be biased , just because your friends on jimmy Dore show said no one cover it. It’s a war between Two country, you have to study both point of view.

  9. Oh please! Stop pretending that you have any clue about the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. I'm sure that you or any American could point in the map! You have no idea about history of conflict and what is going on in region right now. But you should because it was directed to your government which pay any price to build conflicts in USSR to destroy the country. Cold war, remember?
    Why are you ignoring the facts of 4 UN resolutions which Armenia is ignoring? Or United Nation is nothing to you? (Well. I don't surprise when I look to your president!!!) Because if you read 4(!) UN resolutions would be clear that Armenia is country-aggressor and occupied seven(!)district around Nagorno Karabach and NK itself.
    Why don't you question yourself how did Armenia with 2-3 million population won the war against Azerbaijan with 9-10 millions? Where did Armenia get army? Or who actually paid for foreign terrorists?
    Why won't you mention that Armenia in military alliance with Russia, Belarus, etc.! Not a Azerbaijan. And why this alliances not protects "poor" armeniens against Azerbaijan which is not a part of any union or militaary alliance? Do you know anything about International low?
    Don't pretend that are you any kind of progressive. Politic it's much more then kissing assss to armenians lobby. Shame on you!

  10. @Graham Elwood Can you do an episode on Cyprus as well? The world powers that you have mentioned had a military coup (Greece was also involved) and divided Cyprus based on "ethnicity". Please make an episode on this and enlighten what happened and how these power structures played a role in this division, which is still ongoing. North Cyprus is still occupied by Turkey and is in a terrible shape. It is basically ruled by Turkey and there is no real democracy, the same way USA is ruled by corporations and no real democracy (there is not country which has democracy anyway, all corporations…). So, looking forward to your video! And it is sad that Turkey is brainwashing North Cyprus by TV and newspapers, news are all about "how Armenians are trying to rake over Azerbaijan soil", bragging about Turkey's military… It is disgusting, and many ignorant people to fall into these lies, it is definitely 1984.

  11. USUK-NATO want to complete enclosure of North IRANIAN border with bases. ARMENIA is a break in this encirclement with a RUSSIAN presence leaving only the CASPIAN SEA as a communication between RUSSIA and IRAN

  12. This has more to do with cutting off IRAN from RUSSIA with NATO bases. It has very little to do with the Armenian Genocide. The reason the US does not acknowledge the genocide is that it needs TURKEY as a wedge into RUSSIA. The USA does not acknowledge its own genocidal heritage. ARMENIA is the last neutral holdout on IRAN's border.

  13. they both used to be part of iran. russia took that region from iran in "russo persian wars".

    before that azeri and armenian used to live in peace.large population of azeris lived in yerevan and large population of armenians lived in baku.

    but russians and later soviets decided to "divide & conquer" and created borders and wars between the two.

    i think thats why russia is supporting all sides now as well.