Corporate Media’s Fraudulent Free Press Martyrs | SYSTEM UPDATE with Glenn Greenwald

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Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. Not all, but much of legacy media, big tech, and social media is little more than the propaganda arm of the Left- our current Democratic Party. They- along with the FBI and other "security" agencies- colluded together to carry candidate Biden over the finish line. This cohort is STILL giving the sweetest coverage of team Biden-Harris.

  2. Pre Musk Twitter banned me while I was still in the account setup phase. I never even made a tweet… And they had this incredible loop of FU when you tried to appeal the ban – they say you can't appeal the ban because you're banned.

    I'm so glad the authoritarian left now gets to feel this.

  3. PATHETIC pro-Dem ABC, CNN & MSNBC biased News as usual where Dems colluding with FBI, Fake News suppressed all REAL TRUE FACTS, i.e., Hunter Biden laptop story, etc.! Why is only CBS telling the TRUTH now & why aren’t CNN, ABC & MSNBC confessing to their “phony” mistake???

  4. I'd not go too far lauding journalists. Yeah they needed free speech for their jobs and they have done plenty of good work over the decades blah blah, but in fact they were never overpaid, and they understood the street, and anybody can be bent to a corporate will via a big enough mortgage payment they need to make to keep the wife happy. Journalists have been doing favors for the power since journalism began.
    GG you haven't the articulation to deliver complex sarcasm, it falls flat. We love you man, but messaging on video is largely about the audio.

  5. My late Uncle was a journalist on The Times in London. He told me that if you think you have a free press you're living in a fantasy. Articles were pulled all the time. The only time articles were allowed to break was when the information could no longer be suppressed. Which amounts to no more than a contrived drama to give the false impression of a free press.
    If you had told my Uncle that being a journalist on a leading paper was 'noble' he would have laughed in your face.

  6. With Micah's tweets about location, whilst it's not a violation per se to know that technology to track a plane exists, if that information is used by anyone spuriously, causing an endangerment to life, Micah could be potentially linked in a criminal sense. For example, Micah made it easier for that information to be found. It's not easy to watch flight paths unless you know how to source that information . Endangerment to life is one of the key aspects of the US v Assange case. That was investigated and not proven in Assange's case. A similar situation could arise with this, but God willing we never have to work through that scenario.

  7. Am I the only one that keeps watching clips on YouTube instead of Rumble because Rumbles UX design is so garbage? I would love to get of YouTube but just find Rumble horrible to navigate.

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