Corporate Press CAUGHT Publishing FAKE STORIES, USA Today ADMITS It, Pulls 23 Stories, Media LIES

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  1. Lol the man shilling for new guard for years finally admits they are useless and even harmful as an entity, wow if only people hadn't been shouting it at you for years now. Same reason Tim got ride of Adam he can't stand being told he's wrong.

  2. This is much worse than even USA Today. Hundreds of local newspapers are affiliated with USA Today and get their content from them. Our local paper has about 75% USA Today stories.

  3. Nobody worth their salt gives a shit about what corporations certify. Everyone is in everyone else's pocket. Critically think, it your only option these days.

  4. Tim, what the hell did you think would happen when the press uses wholly anonymous sources and has no obligation to cite an actual source. When sources are always anonymous you can easily make up sources and make them seem legit

  5. I had this argument sooooo many times with friends and family. They didn't get it. They still don't get it. Literally EVERYTHING was fake. I said it so many time till I was blue in the face. 2020 I tried especially hard to get them to see the truth. To stop reading rage porn. They just cut me off even though I was trying to protect them from propaganda. Not a single one has called to admit they were wrong. They just decide you're a "Trump Supporter" and move on with their life. Leftist are CLUELESS that what they were reading was activism not journalism .

  6. USA admitting fabrications so now everything that they say will be credible.
    Is that the game plan?
    CNN is starting to pull the same stunt. MSNBC will be next in line.
    Word manipulation still at the forefront.

  7. I was skeptical of CNN during the Clinton administration, where it seemed that they were often leaving out facts. It wasn't long before I distrusted them entirely. Slowly, I started to lose confidence in print media to the point of not trusting any of them and seeking alternative news sources around 2016, and by 2020 pruning all of them. I trust you, at least you are trying to get to the truth. That is all I ask from my news sources, just tell the truth and don't try to color my opinion.

  8. You aren't even getting the full scope or asking the most key question. Did the false articles connect in any way or have any set pattern? Did they defend or expose any single or set of core ideologies or ideas? What was the intent behind the lies, and in turn the intent of allowing them to be published? How long did this go on, and what are the potential ramifications we have seen due to this situation?

  9. We need some actual professional standards for journalism. In other words, anyone can write articles, but you can only call yourself a professional "journalist" if you can prove you're a registered independent politically, and take continuous CPEs on impartiality and ethics, etc. Similar to who can call themselves an attorney, CPA, etc. The trick with this system is preventing a government or organization driven by ideology to sabotage the intent of this system, as we have seen with so many other formerly trusted institutions.

  10. Tip of the iceberg my friend… THIS will be the spark that lights the fire that "illuminates" the number of times so called "journalists" do this EXACT same thing!

    I guarantee it!

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