Corporations Openly BILKING Shoppers With Inflation Cover | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar explain how large corporations with significant market share in their industry are using the price hikes caused by inflation to further spike the prices of their products

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  1. Um…. duh!

    Supply and demand always means more profit when the supply is low and its a sellers market. Less product means less spent to sell it and less need to advertise it. High prices in some cases are our fault. Business is supposed to try and make money.

  2. Great article. This is what exactly I was talking about. When media hype up inflation, it just gives the corporations more leverage to jack up prices. It's true inflation is here but media hype is fueling corporate profits.

  3. Higher expenses push people back into the workforce. The government gave us a little money and they end up getting it all back and then some. They've also let illegals into the country because they want cheap labor.

  4. I have been telling people why I am boycotting a gas station chain because of the effects a monopoly-
    I am always laughed at and have been told numerous times: "I don't care who owns it or where they get it as long as they have it when I want it"! (10 yrs ago)
    A lot of people make a lot of money and do not care about how their spending adversely effects lower income people.
    Another common comment: "it's not my fault they can't afford it" and " they should get a better job" and …..
    (( the gas station has bought and torn down all independent stations in the >county<- other neighboring counties have had near same results— yet no one cares- so why are they going to care about any other monopoly; when the government can be blamed!!!))
    I'm still the 'weirdo' that doesn't want to just take-take-take- I don't want it all; I want others to be part of community <3

  5. since self checkout has become more popular, I get to decide how much my food bill is. I'm glad they are still able to make a profit since I haven't paid for porterhouses in like 3 years.

  6. America had monopolies figured out a century ago with Antitrust legislation. Now we don't even see these snakes when they bite us. Lost wisdom replaced by unprecedented levels of corruption.

  7. I have to raise my service prices to keep up with the times, but Sagar is right. There is always the little devil on your shoulder wondering if you could get more than you need.

    Its so nice to see Krystal wearing sleeves and toning down the makeup. Her appearance makes it hard for me to concentrate on the subject at hand because my hormones and brain are at war on what to focus on!

  8. The CEO said nothing wrong. He is reassuring the share holders (his employer) that he can protect their investment and returns. That's not bragging. That's him doing his fiduciary duty.

  9. "you are all making more profits". Clearly you are clueless what kind of stresses businesses are in. Perhaps you need to run a business for once to get some perspective.

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