Corrections to the Raid on the CIA Servers Report, 3375

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  1. Mr. Still, I doubt those Ospreys were on their way to Germany. Do they even have that kind of flight range? Unless they were being flown to an airbase to be loaded on on a Galaxy-5 transport plain to be flown over to Europe …then that would make perfect sense. That would mean on election night that Kraken cyber warfare got everything on all voting machines hooked up to the internet. That means Trump knows exactly how many votes were flipped from him to Biden, and how many if his votes got deleted by Dominion.

  2. Maybe the government is sending you a warning, they don’t like your money masters video and they want you to take it down… They’re not wanting anybody to figure out what’s going on. $3 million an hour just for you bud, things are not looking good… Maybe you better take it down temporary just play it safe… (lol)

  3. BILL WTF: I spread/shared your "3474 video all over Parler. NOW THIS?? I am so embarrassed and unable to trust you anymore. Goodbye. CJM -out

  4. The "official line is…" What official line and from where? Some guy on the web? No proof of anything you're saying as has become the norm. Anyone who pushes this q style nonsense is a liar plain and simple. The sad thing is, no one in your audience expects you to proove anything. If they did, you would not have much of an audience. And that goes for every other paytriot out there.

  5. It’s been covered up. The ‘official’ story is that a Blackhawk crashed in Europe in a country next to Germany with 5 Americans who were killed, the article has the names & pictures of the fallen soldiers. My mind is fuzzy, but I think it says there was I think a Hungary/Check soldier was either hurt or killed two. The need of European soldiers has to with rules of engagements in the UN, even tho the US embassy in Germany is ‘American property & land’- basically meaning that the US Embassy & land enclosed is controlled by US laws, we still have to pass over/through Germany to get to the Embassy, we have to get approval from countries to cross through their land to get to the Embassy…

    I’d really like to know where the black hats ended up.

    When I was in High School living in a foreign country, one time we went to the US Embassy to watch the US Presidential election returns. A few of my classmates found an enclosed area on the property away from the adults & were smoking pot there. Per the country I lived in, any foreign persons found with drugs would be an expulsion from the country. How ironic was that being we were under American laws. I never did check to see what the laws were if we were caught with dope at the US Embassy. ?

  6. Just read that Joe will have a boot for an ankle injury. He was seen going to the orthopedist office..Hmm..Could be he really did, but wonder if Hunter hurt his too.

  7. When was the server picked up ? Couldn’t have been the same night because it would interfere with the counting of votes…. or in the following days as they kept counting votes most likely it was in the following days ?