Corrupt WHO Chief Sides With Bad Guys In Ethiopia Conflict

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  1. "undisputed facts" LOL. This lady is full of shit, or at least based. You can hate the WHO chief, fine, but learn more about Ethiopian history before spilling bullshit. Check your source carefully next time, Jimmy.

  2. Wait, you got an Ethiopian to come on and talk about Ethiopia???
    That's racist. I'm pretty sure many white reporters could have explained it better. This is just like white teachers being fired first. 🤣

  3. You people holler for these people to be put on trail in court, like you fools watch to much fairy tale TV.Our justices system is now so corrupt that they protect these bastards.There’s only one true justices and it’s not a sky god or a corrupt judge.It’s a bullet to head of these WEF scum, it’s the only justices and reality that’s going stop them.

  4. this WHO guy definitely looks full of it.
    as far as him being on the side is the US, I don’t know about that given his support of China during the Covid pandemic. Unless the implication is that some influential people in US, NATO and west in general actually have strong ties with China.

  5. Jimmy, you should have someone on your broadcast who represents the TPLF, otherwise people who don’t know the nuances of Tigray, or the context and history, will assume that what your guest is saying is fact. It’s an unbalanced, not to mention biased discussion! Ask yourself, could a state the size of Wisconsin, take over the U.S. in a civil war?! The atrocious war tactics on Tigray, by Ethiopia and Eritrea are inhumane and cruel, to say the least!

  6. A couple of things

    Trump was not good for Ethiopia. He told Egypt to "Blow up that DAM" a dam Ethiopians are building with their own money *not from loan or aid, and hoping it will provide electricity for 60mil people. Trump was a maniac.

    There are indeed people starving people in Tigray region. But as Hermela said the TPLF(Tedros' Party turned into terrorists) is holding those people hostage and using them as shields and negotiation pieces. The TPLF also confiscates all aid that goes into that region and is using it to feed it's forcibly conscripted child soldiers.

  7. Facists calling their enemies fascists has been a trademark of the “cultured” media for decades now. We haven’t even hit peak propaganda yet—they’re saving that for the rolling blackouts and climate catastrophe. Will make Covid fear-porn look like a walk in the park.

  8. The WHO has become so corrupted and it’s crazy that countries still give them money with all the lies they’ve already told the world during Covid but now this also.

  9. The West is actively preventing Africa from feeding itself and getting out of poverty. While some regions of Africa desperately need help others could be feeding themselves and maybe even their neighbors. But they can't because the West, instead of helping them build up local food production, just dumps cheap food grown elsewhere on them at prices which put local farmers out of business.

  10. Morality: the more psychopathic you are, the more perverse you are, the more corrupt you are, the more incompetent you are, the more immoral you are, etc etc etc… the more likely you are to be selected for leadership positions in our wonderful world of so-called human rights and democracies. Someday someone will have to give me the true meaning and definition of "human rights and democracy" because people and the Globalist Cartel apparently don't have the same dictionary.

  11. That knob, Tedros, is a Dr in the same way as I am, which is to say not at all.
    It's stolen valor.
    He "earned" a doctorate degree in the history of grocery bagging.
    Effing fraud.

  12. Welcome to government and corporate fascism disguised as capitalism economic terrorism by white supremacy one percent private privilege at its finest they kill their own for profits from the One who created racism facism Rothschild zionism and now nato nazi Claus communism you will own nothing and you'll be happy United nation nazi Agenda 21 population control sustainable development by boule sellouts to colonial imperialism genocide by globalist elites BILDERBERG NAZI.

  13. By the way…the ENDF lead by Prime Minister Abiy is currently bombing Tigray civilians. First he isolates them starves them, possible genocide, then when land operation fall apart, he bombs women and children and whats left of that region. Who is the fucking terrorist? The Horn of Africa is finished. And that young turkey you have on is a propagandist for the ethiopian government. Do not take sides in that shit show

  14. Anyone who wants to read the hair- raising story of Bill Gates' WHO & the awful things he's done to the African people (experimenting on them with toxic vaccines, secretly sterilizing poor brown women, etc).. it's in "The Real Anthony Fauci". I'll never stop telling people to read it!!

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