Corruption Blooms in Victoria

Legacy media and unengaged Australians realise what we’ve known all along…that Daniel Andrews has created a corrupt state in Victoria, as revealed by the joint report handed down by IBAC and the Ombudsman.

This is a segment from Season 6 Episode 10 of The People’s Project which you can watch at:





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  1. It is way over time Victoria gets out the vise grip the corrupt dictator Andrews has on us, way over time. But I am fearful that in this state next s/election, if we don't clean up the Australian Electoral Commission he could get back in or should I say, be selected to be put back in, given the new world order lackies do as they are told. I also think both labor and liberal are two heads on the one snake, with the greens and the democrats being the scales. Way way too much corruption going on in our country. I want our country back. I want Victoria to not be led by a ccp aka nwo aka wef aka un aka nato, all corrupt lover, ie our dictator.

  2. If we hanged people for corruption, there would be far less of it. The reason it gets to run rampant like it does is because WE don't hold them accountable. When the Police, Justice System, Judges, Lawyers, Banks, Corporations, Politicians and every other facet of the systems upon which our nation is built are corrupt, only drastic measures can fix it. I am sick of the high horse moral grandstanding of us 'civilised' people. Protest and debate are no longer good enough.

  3. MY vote going to A1 party. The only party that has willing to actually hold Dan Andrews and his mates accountable for what they have done. And the cherry on top is there will only be a 2 percent expenditure tax with a solid backed curancy which will make inflation drop and the farmers will be able to keep their land. We can't have a government looking after us because that contradices real meaning of Rights and Freedoms. Those who are interested, the Magna Carta 1215 article 61 is still Valid and holds a satisfying solution to this problem

  4. So the Liberal party would cancel its government contracts with accounting firms, lawyers, insurance companies etc? To quote the The Castle: ‘You must be dreaming!’
    I don’t support Dan in any way but am skeptical that any party will eliminate systemic political corruption.
    Having said that, Dan needs to go.

  5. We all know Labor pollies double down and dig in like ticks, they don't resign. The only way they are removed is being voted out or knifed in the back by their party colleagues.

  6. Just a point on the next election, if anyone else can get a look in, (which I doubt), then the first thing he/she should do is REPEAL some of the new laws this puppet introduced, mainly on that 'Emergency health' measure.

  7. Imagine tendering for a big rail project in Melbourne, 2 hours before tendering closes, a member of the Andrews government tells the winner of the project, the exact number to bid and win.
    Look into package G rail project.
    You have a leaky ship Dan.
    Apparently the winning company knows where the bodies are buried!

  8. When Herr Andrews goes down, there will be far more than just one political knife in his back. That day will be a good day for the majority of people.

  9. Can we talk about the effects of the Cloward-Piven Strategy drawn up in 1966 & it seems to be in full swing & working well, it is not just in the America's

  10. What’s new??
    Everyone will just put their heads in their bums and ignore it all., and say:
    Oh but he’s fixing the level crossings?
    Stop saying dumb things..
    what is the matter with you., ???
    You’ve just seen what Dam did?? And you have no problem with him.,
    Bloody hell.,
    We have got no hope if people like you think Dan can look after you!!
    Go to China.. they take good care of you there., you don’t have to think for yourself! I’m
    I’ve lived in Bic a v long time .. 30 yrs.. but I’ve never gotten used to how self absorbed Victorians are!!

  11. The whole voting system needs to be changed, rigged elections have always been rampant. I've never voted because of it, change the system and remove the corrupt rigged elections

  12. the Cayman Islands accounts must be getting over stuffed with corrupt money from Australian government (fed and state) i wont be surprised when they start to go missing

  13. Absoloute best case scenario in this hell hole country is that andrews resigns on his own terms and gets his INSANE pension and vic pol who are just as guilty as andrews will get nothing at all…. there is no saving Australia. Australia of pre andrews is dead forever.

  14. Hahaha…have you millennials, X's or whatever, Y fronts? never heard of Squizzy Taylor?…, hahaha….."damned to repeat history…" (better hurry because the 'History' parking meter is running out)

  15. Pure Narcissistic scum who’s legacy will be destroying one of the best cities in world. He will pay one day. I’ll be happy to hand deliver the invoice if need be

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