Cosplayer Charged With Manslaughter After Shooting Friend


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  1. Stupid people are allowed to be stupid. But who left the loaded gat at her house? That’s who is really responsible. What sort of dumb gives a gun to this airhead? Was she dating a gangster?

  2. The cosmic balance reasserts itself in increasingly outrageous ways to compensate for the leaps and bounds we've made in our general ability to keep the stupid and unfit alive. A fine addition to her sentence would be to make her take a random collection of anonymously loaned and assumed-to-be unloaded firearms, and pull their triggers whilst pointing their barrels in her own direction, she can then contemplate the proper rules and safety precautions that she had previously failed to during the succession of hammer clicks, while at the same time hoping that no "bang" finds its way into the mix.

  3. I kept a gun loaded beside me for years until 1 night I woke myself up with a gun shot.
    To my knowledge I never slept walked in my entire life but that night I woke up to myself sitting upright in the bed with my gun in my hand and a hole in the wall. I still sleep with a gun beside me but now I don't keep a round chambered in the barrel. That was a few years ago and no repeats.

  4. Crazy it was Gotham. When I was a baby, I was sitting in front of the TV while the old school Batman was playing. My dad was cleaning his guns with a friend and pointed one at the TV and squeezed the trigger when it said "BANG! POW!"

    Gun shot rang through the house and blew up the TV right by my head…

  5. Easy way to get off mruder charges, "It was an accident that the gun was facing in their direction, loaded and cocked." People who dont know guns or own guns are too ignorant to talk about this case. The woman is guilty af guaranteed.

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