Liberal/Labor conjured up $500 billion out of thin air and now inflation is hurting every Australian. None of it was spent on visionary, productive infrastructure projects.

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  1. Baron David Ward served the affidavit to over 600 MP's politicians and had no rebuts A State is fiction and make belief the affidavit been served to all Mp's and politicians in Australia and has no rebuttal as it it presents the truth in Fact

  2. I still have a little hope hearing people like Roberts, Antics, Rennick , Hanson and a couple of others with integrity and love for the country. God bless them all

  3. When will the monumental morons in this country wake the F up and understand that """LIBERAL""", """LABOR""" and treasonous """GREENS""" ALL HAVE TO GO. How much of this sh$t are you going to put up with.

  4. Australia fucked America fucked England fucked Europe fucked South Africa fucked. Build back better.
    See the pattern. These evil governments need to be charged for crimes against humanity.

  5. It’s mind blowing that the government can’t fix cost of living crisis or infrastructure issues but reckons it can change the Earth’s climate. When did people become so stupid.

  6. Absolutely spot on. There has been no long term vision for Australia for a very long time. The money supply and credit has been inflated to ridiculous levels and it's just been wasted on short term vote buying.

  7. The people know who the criminal’s are what choice we have guns taken and votes are worthless. Explain ? What country do we need to move 2 ? To void the issue. History in repeat is what we have. Sounds like a round up of Jews to me metaphor! Who holds social media accountable ? Their owned by big business are business not held accountable ? If they where this prob would never exist

  8. There’s one word that sums up our economic problems here and overseas and that’s Politicians. Apart from a very few the bulk of politicians don’t care about Australia or the people. They are too busy with their snouts in the trough!

  9. australia has been sold thru the free trade agreement , it was supposed to be produce only and then they sold farms. businesses, houses , ports ,water rights hydo dams the list is long . a 40 minute video infact of every sale ,, where did the money go .back over seas of course ,,

  10. Small business is a barrier to totalitarian, globalist, big everything, control of everything! Never give up you cash, and stop buying, baked, meat, fish, fruit and veg, from the globalist run supply chains.

  11. I still dont see how printing money and spending it on infrastructure wont cause inflation? You are still paying money to workers and businesses that will build the infrastructure, and then they’ll spend the money they were paid, releasing it into the economy, right?

  12. To be honest these blokes do a great job exposing the fraud and corruption in Government but things will never change when you have a society dependent and effectively making a contract with the State. The predatory ruling class own the big three pillars of banks, media and government. Liberal, Labor and Green and the lying media whores all work for the predators so elections mean nothing and hypothetically if you did get an independent government the predators would make sure your life was hell and destroy the joint. The only solution is to free yourself from the contract and bondage of government as much as you possibly can. This is all in the bible and your life needs to built on a higher purpose, self discipline and personal responsibility. We need to dodge and weave these Communist parasites the best we can and organise our own independent communities. As ordinary people are subject to daily gas lighting and propaganda and forced to live under the Climate and Covid lies the Amish don't seem so strange now do they.

  13. The government needs to be abolished completely and the free market needs to be set free. Start building and defending your own local communities, fuck the government, all they want to do is stop people from being productive.

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