Cost of Living Riots

Winter of discontent.

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  1. total bollocks. You are a threat to the peace. Life is tough, but nothing compared to the problems the Ukranians have. We will make do with less. Spoilt little brat, your concerns are entirely misplaced

  2. and this is why British energy companies have been working so hard to get people without their permission changed on to prepayment meters that you have to go to the shop to top up, if you dont have credit all power and heat goes off………Oh and they charge higher tariffs than normal

  3. Complain to your energy companies as it puts a hold on your account and it won't affect your credit rating and they won't take legal action until they go to the energy ombudsman costs the energy company £500 to put the case to the ombudsman.

  4. I think that evil globalists/socialists/WEF/NSDAP types are trying to absolutely prevent Christian nations like the USA 🇺🇸 and Russia 🇷🇺 from uniting. Trump and Putin could've joined again the godless communists and improved the world.

  5. If we wouldnt support Ukraine then Russia would get ideas to start attacking eastern european NATO member states which would lead to ww3. And then cost of living would be worse. Or China would sense weakness and would occupy taiwan which would also start ww3. The only side that can be blamed for rising living costs is Russia because there is no moral justification for one nation to invade another nation if they are not being attacked. Zero. None.

  6. Everyone knows it’s all about the WEF Great Reset. Russia are heroes going in to stop the Nazis in Ukraine who’ve been bombing and shooting civilians for 8 years in east Ukraine just because they’re ethnically Russian. Ukraine dropped illegal petal land mines on civilians areas the other day in Donetsk and bombed their own soldiers in a Russian camp for war prisoners, killing their own Ukraine soldiers simply because they were confessing and giving evidence as they claim the Ukraine high ups told them to kill civilian men, women and children. Zelensky is a puppet for the elites. The west should be helping Russia but instead stoked up trouble and funded and trains the Ukraine Nazi forces.

  7. From the start of the Russian incursion into Ukraine I said stay out of it completely. FBObama started this crap. There is a thousand-year history in that region and all our "smart people" don't have a clue. Ukraine was actually messing with Russia and Ukraine is as corrupt or more corrupt than Russia.

  8. When the British were starving the Irish…they held chef contests tocompete for the cheapest recipe of soup for the soup lines. Elites were entertained from their windows and balconies by the soup lines. All while the British exported Irish raised beef…two million staved to death.

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  10. Yes
    I earn what I once thought was a formidable salary. Now I have my elderly mother live with me, and I am now the only income, and I have little idea how anyone on minimum wage survives! I don’t get any single benefit, but holy hell this world is screwed!

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